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Sun Coming Down


Slow Meadow
Grey Cloud Lullaby


$21 - PDA

There’s nothing wrong with a little Public Display of Affection when it comes to Radio K. Show everyone just how much you love Radio K (A lot, duh) and stick your very own bumper sticker to your car, bike, laptop, whatever you got. Heck, stick it to your face, you know we’d do the same for you.
You’ll get: The best sticker ever, the Radio K bumper sticker.

$77 - 77 Kisses

K-Smackin' Lip Balm and Sticker Pucker up, pals. Donating $77 will open up a whole new world of K love. 77 kisses are coming your way in the form of lip-smacking K flavored lip balm (the K tastes remarkably like vanilla), the mixtape we affectionately call Stuck on AM to whisper you sweet nothings of musical love, and your own sticker to let everyone know who that Radio K is your better half.
You’ll get: K-Smackin' Lip Balm and sticker.

$127 - Classic

Radio K Pom Pom Knit Hat, K-Smackin' Lip Balm, and Sticker
You’re our one and only. You’re one of a kind. You’re a gem. You’re Radio K’s Classic donor, and baby, you’ve aged almost too well. Keep that classic little head of yours warm this fall with a limited-edition Radio K Pom Pom Knit Hat. This cozy beanie is the physical manifestation of a big, music-loving hug for your head, perfect for those that wear their heart’s on a sleeve but don’t like to wear shirts.
You’ll get: a cozy limited-edition Radio K Pom Pom Knit Hat, K-Smackin' Lip Balm, and bumper sticker

$257 - 33 ⅓ RPM

Radio K Pom Pom Knit Hat, Balm, SOAM 8, and Sticker
Radio K and vinyl records, they’re like chocolate and peanut butter. But for your ears. Not that I’d tell you what to do with your brand new Radio K Vinyl, but this silky smooth pressing of Radio K’s signature mixtape Stuck on AM 8 is about as close to a holy matrimony as wax can get. The record is two sides of terrific tunes recorded live in Studio K from the likes of Kurt Vile, Saintseneca, Cate Le Bon, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and more. It’s Radio K on vinyl – this isn’t a promise ring folks, this is the whole nine yards, this is the real deal. Take the plunge for Stuck on AM 8.
You’ll get: Stuck on AM 8 Vinyl, the Radio K Pom Pom Knit Hat, K-Smackin' Lip Balm, and sticker

$507 - VIP

Playlist, Radio K Pom Pom Knit Hat, Balm, SOAM 8, and Sticker
You’re committed to us, we’re committed to you. And we’d like to shout to from the rooftops. Or maybe we’ll just say it in a level voice into a microphone (because we don’t want to damage your sweet, sweet ears). You’ve been there since the beginning, through thick and thin – dead air and triumphant in-studio alike. Har Mar Superstar is jealous of you. The Replacements want to come over and chill later, you know, if that’s cool. You are a Radio K VIP.
You’ll get: A Radio K Playlist Dedication, Radio K Pom Pom Knit Hat, K-Smackin' Lip Balm, SOAM 8, and sticker.

$1,007 - College Rock God

In-studio, Radio K Pom Pom Knit Hat, balm, SOAM 8
You. What can we say about you? You’re amazing. You’re unbelievably cool and so very good looking. Seriously. You’re the type of donor that makes public broadcasters swoon. And the type that keeps local, independent music going strong, that knows that music is best when it isn’t programmed from an office 5 states away and that radio is best when it’s Real College Radio.
You’ll get: Backstage access to Studio K for an in-studio, a Radio K Pom Pom Knit Hat, K-Smackin' Lip Balm, and SOAM 8

Real College Radio.  It means Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Hop Along, Thundercat, Alvvays, and maybe, just maybe, a little Merle Haggard.

Because it’s the unexpected that makes you smile. That makes you remember the first time you heard ever heard REM, your first time behind the wheel, your long-lost love, the best kiss ever and Courtney Barnett.

Because in a world where playlists, radio stations and heartstrings are dominated by algorithms and the simplest of matches it’s the unusual combinations, the surprising connections that we remember, the artists and the music that speak to you.

Keep Independent Media strong. Keep Local Programming Local. Keep New Bands Rocking and Local Music Vibrant. Give the kids a chance. They’re alright. Renew your support today online at!