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About Radio K

Radio K - KUOM is the award-winning student-run radio station of the University of Minnesota, playing an eclectic variety of independent music both old and new. Radio K educates students, breaks ground in musical programming, and provides cutting-edge cultural coverage through our specialty shows and Culture Queue.

The independent music heard every day on Radio K is made possible through the support of listeners like you. Additional support comes from the students of the University of Minnesota, the College of Continuing Education, the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, and the State of Minnesota.

Radio K serves listeners in Minneapolis-St. Paul and around the globe through online streaming and on four terrestrial signals: 770AM, 100.7FM, 104.5FM, and 106.5FM. An approximate coverage map for our FM signals can be viewed here.

Information about Studio K can be viewed here.

Radio K's Public File can be viewed here.

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Radio K - KUOM
University of Minnesota
610 Rarig Center
330 21st Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55455

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  • Office: (612) 625-3500
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Studio K

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Sara Miller
Department Director
(612) 625-3500

Sarah Lemanczyk
Programming Advisor
(612) 626-3986

Bel Forester
Programming Director
(612) 624-7373

Zach Simon
(612) 624-1194

Sarah Johnson
(612) 625-3500

Peter Bjorndal
Digital Media Producer
(612) 624-1194 

Jaak Jensen
(612) 625-5057

Lindsay LeBarre
Membership Manager
(612) 625-6827

Josh Servais
Promotions Manager
(612) 625-8322

Paul Benson
Training Director and
Volunteer Coordinator 
(612) 624-5086

Ross Koeberl
Music Director
(612) 625-5304

Jared Hemming
Production Director
(612) 625-6321

Jamie White
Studio K Producer
(612) 625-5304 

Jio Nocon
Traffic Director
(612) 625-6321

Marshall Born
Underwriting Representative
(612) 625-2856

Alex Oster
Underwriting Representative
(612) 625-2856

Branson Coltrane
(612) 624-1194

Madie Hamilton
(612) 624-1194

Zach Simon
(612) 625-3500

Culture Queue

Matthew Curtis
Managing Editor and Host
(612) 626-3986

Culture Queue
(612) 626-3986

Aaron Bolton

Music Reporter 

Amy Friedman
Associate Producer


All press inquiries and requests for interviews with Radio K should be directed to Radio K's Promotions Manager at (612) 625-8322 or via email at


Request photos of Radio K staff and studio facilities for publication: Sara Miller at

Press Releases

January 2015

  • Radio K's Gigawatt Takes Over 7th St. Entry Once Again. More.

November 2014

  • Radio K Takes Home More Awards than Any Other Station at CMJ College Radio Awards This Year. More.

April 2014

  • Radio K partners with Hymie's Vintage Records for Record Store Day 2014. More.

October 2013

  • Radio K wins three awards at College Music Journal convention. More.

August 2012

  • Radio K celebrates "A Century of Cool" with Gigawatt X. More

November 2011

  • Radio K celebrates 200 instudio videos. More

Press Mentions


CCE Current

City Pages

KARE 11 - TV

Metro Magazine

Minnesota Daily

Minnesota Magazine


New York Post


Prefix Mag

Pioneer Press

Radio Magazine

Star Tribune


University of Minnesota Moment

USA Today




Thanks to the businesses below for their support of Radio K. The support we receive from businesses through underwriting is vital to the success of our eclectic programming. We offer broadcast, web, and digital opportunities for you to connect with our audience. For more information, contact our Underwriting Department at 612-625-2856 or

American Guitar Boutique

Birchwood Café

Brave New Workshop

College of Continuing Education

CD Warehouse


City Pages

Copycats Media


Crafty Planet

Decider Twin Cities


Downtown Journal

The Electric Fetus


Envy Nightclub

Fifth Element

It's Greek to Me Restaurant


Guthrie Theater



Java J's Coffee

Know Name Records

Lavender Magazine

Luna Vinca

Milio's Sandwiches

Minnesota Museum of American Art

Minnesota Orchestra

Minnesota Women's Press, Inc.

The New York Times

Noiseland Industries

Northern Sun Merchandising

Ordway Center for the Performing Arts

Power Pages

Red Stag Supper Club


Southside Pride



Roadrunner Records

University of Minnesota School of Music

Soap Factory

Spin Magazine

Spin Magazine

STA Travel

Thrifty Outfitters

Treehouse Records


Twin Cities Student Unions

Twin Town Guitars

The Wake Student Magazine

Walker Art Center

The Whole Music Club




Any University of Minnesota student can volunteer at Radio K!

To get involved, send an email to our Volunteer Coordinator at You'll learn more about volunteer opportunities at the station, which offer practical experience in all phases of broadcasting — news, programming, music, engineering, marketing, design, sales, membership, website development, and more.

Already a volunteer?

Attend the Staff & Volunteer Meeting every Tuesday at 5:15pm.


Volunteer of the Month

The Radio K Volunteer of the Month Award is given to a volunteer who exhibits an outstanding commitment to Radio K. We greatly appreciate the work of these volunteers and all volunteers as we educate students and break ground in musical and cultural programming.

October 2013: Samantha Sacks

September 2013: Seth

August 2013: Luke Taylor 

Luke is the volunteer for the month of August. Luke is always willing to do some heavy lifting of band equipment at our In-Studios, and review any CD we throw at him. Thanks Luke!  He had this to say, "I grew up mostly in the Twin Cities and I've been a huge fan of Radio K since like 1997. I thought the DJs and music were so cool and the bands and styles I discovered were extremely influential. This past year or so, my schedule and stuff has opened up enough for me to volunteer at Radio K. It's been a dream come true to help out at the station I loved growing up!" - Jerod Greenisen

July 2013: Erik

Erik joined Radio K just this past few months with Nathan. As one of our Radio Bretheran from the frosty north tundra of Duluth we welcome him with warm arms and smiles all around. Erik was the Music Director at UMD and he has brought a tenacious ferocity for reviewing CDs and requesting adds to rotation. We are greatly appreciative of all his work at Radio K and can't wait to see his DJ skills this fall! - Jerod Greenisen

June 2013: Nathan

Nathan joined Radio K just this past month and has been a wonderful addition to the team. He is one of the two superstar volunteers from the University of Minnesota, Duluth; and has proven himself with his extensive Metal vocabulary. Nathan is starting DJ training soon and will be on air with the coming of the fall semester. He says that one of the major reasons he transfered from UMD was because of Radio K, and we could not be more happy about his addition. - Jerod Greenisen

July 2013: Maarja Merivoo-Parro

Maarja joined Radio K in October 2012. When she first came to Culture Queue, we were worried she might not be able to volunteer because she was a graduate student, and our rules are a little murky for grads. But we made sure she could get on the air, and Radio K was better off for it. Her energy and enthusiasm for being at the K were unparalleled, and her disposition shone through the airwaves, along with her always-pleasant-to-listen-to accent. She was a hard worker who cared. I don't know much about Estonian radio, but I do know it's about to sound a lot better when Maarja gets her show. - Mitch Skinner

February 2013: Emily Walz

"Emily has been an important part of the Radio K team and has shown exemplary volunteering skills for the Month of February.  From her work volunteering during pledge drive as a pitcher and producer, to helping to DJ at the Mariucci arena, and bannering numerous shows when no other volunteer could; Emily is rocking the Radio K volunteer playing field with an inferno of Radio K love and dedication. She is a joy to volunteer with and this month we are showing her some appreciation for her hard work. So, when you see Emily around the station, which I’m sure you will, be sure to congratulate her!" - Candice Hafalia-Yackel

September 2012: Courtney Bade

"Courtney is a fantastic addition to the Culture Queue Crew! She came into her first meeting brimming full of ideas and didn't hesitate to get involved. She completed her training, produced a question of the week and started working on her first story within two days. Her enthusiasm and drive are excellent examples of what makes our show a success!"
-Caleigh Souhan

June 2012: Octavio Abea

"I think Octavio takes the cake for Volunteer of the Month!
He shows up when he can aside from his hectic work schedule, sometimes even for just the beginning or end of a session. He is always interested in helping out around the studio for setting up, tearing down, helping with the board, and being a friendly face to the bands coming in. Octavio gets me excited about my job, because he shows genuine interest in the process of recording and mixing music. He asks a lot of great questions and catches on to concepts and the workings of the studio quite quickly. Aside from the technical stuff, Octavio is just a Boss. He is a good person with a splendid attitude and is always fun to just hang around and shoot the breeze with.
He also looks astonishing every day.

Great volunteer. Great guy."
-Caleigh Souhan

April 2012: Howard Womack

"Better late than never may be the best descriptor for this month's selection. Since he started DJing at Radio K in early 2011, Howard has been one of the most compelling voices on our airwaves. His unique DJ shifts soon transformed into unique specialty shows. By Any Means and Go Low are unlike anything else heard on Radio K, and it is entirely due to the work Howard puts into his craft and his incredible knowledge of music. By now, most everyone around the station has learned to expect a lengthy history lesson when starting a conversation with Howard about hip hop. For many, it's stressful enough to hold one specialty show or one DJ shift a week. Howard manages to host two and maintain a strong web presence. Howard has been making waves around the Twin Cities, and we appreciate having him before he inevitably becomes a household name."
-Mitch Skinner 

March 2012: Bel Forester

"Bel has been a volunteer in the Membership Department since last October. She has been a wonderful asset and has helped me out so much--especially during the Spring 2012 Pledge Drive. If it were not for her hard work, dedication, and punctuality--I would have failed all my classes. That's why Bel is awesome and why you should give her a high five, thumbs up, or a hug (if she knows who you are)."
-Kristine Dizon

February 2012: Meagan Manning

"Despite being a PhD student and teaching undergrad courses, Meagan still finds time in her busy schedule to volunteer regularly at the K. Many of you may not know this, but Meagan has devoted several hours each week since early last semester to work at the front deskThat's dedication. Meagan is also a top-notch DJ who you can hear on the air every Monday morning. Keep up the great work, Meagan!"
-Rachel Dorn

January 2012: Charlotte Lerner

"Charlotte Lerner has been volunteering at Radio K since October 2011. She has done an exceptional job representing Membership at the SAV meetings, assisting me in all phases of Membership and with helping me organize the Pledge Drive. Charlotte also in the midst of DJ training. Please give Charlotte a pat on the back and thumbs up for being chosen as volunteer of the month."
-Kristine Dizon

October 2011: Mark Sheely

Mark began his work at the K with Culture Queue, becoming a dedicated reporter with what many of us have referred to as the "sultry" voice on the radio (he has a good voice in layman's terms). The great thing about Mark is that he has bridged the gap between the arts & culture and music departments, volunteering with Todd on Rock and Roll Over to add some talk programming into the morning show as well as taking that next step into training to become a DJ. Mark now interns at MPR, becoming another Ker to add to the history books of making that trek across the river. He also represented the station at CMJ in New York City. He's a team player and we like him. 

September 2011: Sean Neppl

For September we're happy to feature Sean Neppl as our Volunteer of the Month.  Sean has made a considerable impression on this station since he started volunteering over the summer.  Along with reviewing 10-12 CDs a week, hosting the Listening party as the CMJ crew was in New York, doing multiple Culture Queue stories, he's also interviewed bands and filmed multiple instudios.  He's always around to help out with whatever project comes around and has worked his butt off to learn more about the station in every aspect. 

August 2011: Joseph Engelbrekt

“Joseph Engelbrekt, Titan of Production and Editing, first came to Radio K in the summer of 2011.  Though he had spent his first two years at the U (yay!) he moved out to Cali for a year (boo).  Luckily, Mr. Engelbrekt came to his senses after taking classes on radio and sound and realized “Why in God’s name am I in California when Radio K, the finest station in North America is in Minnesnowta?” Needless to say, Joe promptly returned to the University of Moneysota and began volunteering in production.  He has since become a more than capable editor of spots and music.  Joseph has dedicated hours upon hours of time to editing out the eff-words in many a hip hop album -- next time you have a myocardial infarction because your favorite Tupac song just got played on the K, the tireless Mr. Engelbrekt is to thank.”
-Greg Sakowski

July 2011: The Culture Queue Team

"While many of us may know and love the culture-based journalism that the members of Radio K's Culture Queue staff provide for their weekly show, it may come as a surprise that these dedicated reporters and producers began a new quest on July 1st to continue their programming on a strictly volunteer-run basis.  Despite the potential discouragement one might expect such a change to pose, the dedicated folks in the news room have garnered enough morale to continue their efforts at the relentless pace of the radio world.  If you haven't done so already, be sure to tune in to Radio K on Sundays at 6PM to explore some of the interesting topics that Culture Queue volunteers cover, and be sure to give the Culture Queue team members a tip of the cap if you see them around." 
-Alex Hambrger

June 2011: Tom Steffes

"Better late than never. From a programming standpoint, Tom is a lifesaver. Consistently one of our finest in terms of musical knowledge, the guy travels from the 'burbs 2-3 times a week to DJ at the station, subbing for as many people as possible just because he likes the job. For those of us who get tired DJing a 3-hour set just once a week, Tom is DJing up to 9 hours a week with a constant flow of ideas in creating that perfect set. That alone would get him the volunteer of the month award (as he has kept me from having a mental breakdown many times), however his enthusiasm for just being around the station is infectious, and he gets involved with most station activities on a regular basis. Always a trooper, even when technical malfunctions could make a John Maus guest DJ set crumble, I'm glad to award June's volunteer of the month to Mr. Tom Steffes." 
-Jon Schober

May 2011: Jia Nocon

"Jia Nocon first got involved with Radio K in the fall of 2010.  It is now the summer of 2011 and she has already accomplished a plentiful amount of work and has found her niche at Radio K. As one of the kindest souls I have ever met, I know she has a genuine interest in the K has to offer. She has impeccable music taste and is culturally diversified, a perfect fit for the station. Jia has only just put her toes in the pool that is Radio K!"
-Leah Garaas

April 2011: Joey Pearlman

"Joey Pearlman embodies the spirit of a Radio K volunteer.  From his first shadow shifts, Joey's grateful nature stood out, which makes the prospect of working with this West Coast rabel-rouser a welcome invitation.  Joey's extensive knowledge of hip hop and willingness to learn make his Monday 6-8PM shift unlike any other.  If you see Joey Pearlman in passing, congratulate him on receiving April's nomination for Volunteer of the Month." 
-Alex Hamburger



See Logo History. See Awards.


  • Radio transmissions at the university date to 1912, when a professor named F.W. Springer began experimenting with broadcasts, though he probably just used a spark gap transmitter. Activities were suspended by World War I, but electrical engineering professor C.M. Jansky, Jr. was doing broadcasting again by 1920


  • The first U of M football games are broadcasted in Morse code


  • The University of Minnesota receives license for experimental radio station 9XI. Radiotelephone broadcasts began that fall with agricultural market reports, weather forecasts and concerts among the regularly scheduled programs. Initial broadcasts originated in the electrical engineering building on the Minneapolis campus, where a transmitter was mounted on the roof.


  • The University received the first radio broadcasting license in the state of Minnesota on January 13, 1922 for the call sign WLB. The station is the 10th oldest station still on the air, beating out WHA at the University of Wisconsin Madison by a few hours. That also makes Radio K the oldest licensed non-commercial broadcast station in the country.


  • In the 1930s and 1940s, the station broadcast a considerable amount of educational material and was used for distance learning — a practice that continued into the 1990s.


  • Studios and facilities were moved from the electrical engineering building to Eddy Hall.


  • The station call letters are changed from WLB to KUOM.


  • A polio epidemic in 1946 that resulted in temporary school closings and the cancellation of the Minnesota State Fair led the station to create programming for children who were homebound. Minnesota School of the Air, as it was called, designed with the aid of teachers, substituted for the closed schools. Minnesota School of the Air continued into the 1980s, offering supplementary programming for in-school listening by elementary students. Those programs, along with others broadcast in the 1940s, were recognized for their importance and led to several awards being given to the station.


  • Another station, WMMR (which would later merge with KUOM to form Radio K), was created on campus in 1948, with studios in Coffman Memorial Union. Focused on providing a service for the student body, it originally broadcast via carrier current on campus, using the frequency 730 AM (hence the oft-used tag-line "Radio 73") This was an entirely student-run operation, relying on volunteers. The station reaches five dormitories on the U campus.



  • WMMR begins to sell commercial air time. The going rate: $4.50 a minute.


  • WMMR’s dormitory listenership reaches 48%


  • By the mid-60's through the end of its life, WMMR tried to emulate the management structure of a typical AM rocker of the day, with an appointed General Manager, Program Director, Music Director, and other management positions. From time to time, somebody actually sold an advertising slot, but the station more or less maintained itself using a small stipend from the Speech Communications department. Even then, the volunteers managed to put out programming for nearly 18 hours a day most days of the school year, and taught many a student the ins and outs of how to operate a studio. A news and sports operation broadcast daily reports, and the basketball, football and hockey programs were usually broadcast with live play-by-play. A number of live broadcasts from the Whole Music Club and the Great Hall at the union also took place, and the station served to promote other campus events such as the "Campus Carny" held annually in the old field house. Garrison Keillor, the well-known host of Minnesota Public Radio's A Prairie Home Companion, began his radio career broadcasting classical music on WMMR as a student in the early 1960s. He then worked at KUOM from 1963 to 1968.



  • In January 1968, WMMR is ordered shut down by the University’s Board of Governors due to financial reasons. However late that summer, with the help of University President Malcolm Moos, the station returns to the air. Rock music dominates the format. Soon after returning to the air, WMMR also covers that year’s presidential elections as part of an eight-station organization, which included live coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.


  • KUOM introduces a whole series of programs by, for and about disadvantaged groups including On the Black Side, Echoes en Español, Indian News and Equal Voice: A Women’s Forum. These programs lasted until 1984.


  • WMMR becomes an important national news source on campus strikes and protests during the Vietnam War.



  • KUOM begins Scope, the first hour-long noncommercial news program on Twin Cities radio. Scope continues until 1985 when the format changes.
  • Also in 1973, KUOM began broadcasts classes for credit in cooperation with the U of M’s Department of Independent Study. Early programs were simply lectures taped in the classroom. Later programs were specially produced for radio and, beginning in 1985, included a call-in component. The program lasted until 1991.


  • The KUOM studios were moved again, this time to the 6th floor of the Rarig Center just across the Mississippi River on the West Bank.


  • WMMR is programmed as a Top 40 station. Listenership is on the rise. The students in charge go on to run commercial Top 40 station WLOL.


  • WMMR format is changed to College/Alternative.

  • KUOM adopts call-in format to make use of the expertise of University faculty. Each program has a subject matter expert or two, usually at least one a University professor. Topics areas included current events, political and social issues, the arts, and practical topics such as gardening, home maintenance, etc. The format change was made at the direction of the University administration, which ordered KUOM to "stop duplicating" programming heard on other Twin Cities' noncommercial stations, notably Minnesota Public Radio. This style of program continues until 1993.
  • 1987 KARE-TV Report on KUOM-AM
  • 1987 KARE-TV Report on WMMR-AM



  • Technical problems, including the main audio board catching fire, knock WMMR off the air. All problems are eventually fixed, but listenership drops to single digits.


  • For nearly 70 years, WLB and later KUOM time-shared the already daytime-restricted 770 kHz frequency with WCAL of St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, so each station averaged just about six hours of programming each day. The University of Minnesota eventually made an agreement with St. Olaf where WCAL would get land for a powerful FM transmitter on U of M land near Rosemount, Minnesota in exchange for the shutdown of WCAL's AM transmitter so that KUOM could transmit exclusively on the frequency during the day. The agreement came to fruition in 1991.


  • Radio K is born. In the early 1990s, after a great deal of lobbying by WMMR General Manager Jim Musil — who also designed the purple Radio K logo of the time— the university began to examine the idea of merging WMMR and KUOM. The university explained the transition to a music format by saying that most of the educational value of KUOM had been superseded by other media outlets by this time.
  • The transition finally took place in 1993, and the station started broadcasting as "Radio K" on October 1 that year. The first song ever played on Radio K was “Do You Remember Rock n Roll Radio?” by The Ramones. To avoid the lack of direction found at some college music stations, the new "Radio K" had a small full-time staff to oversee operations and provide a certain level of continuity, while students would provide much of the on-air talent while going through their radio studies. It is a training ground for students, programming alternative rock and other materials of interest to a student age audience. The station is given a three-year trial period to prove itself.


  • Radio K’s website,, launches


  • A Review Committee established by the Dean of Continuing Education and Extension recommends Radio K be continued indefinitely and the University continue to provide financial support for the station.
  • Twin Cities Reader article about Radio K


  • K launches its innovative BuyaWatt program to generate listener financial support. The station also begins streaming its programming on the Internet using RealAudio technology.



  • Radio K Online Tour
  • In the summer, translator station W264BR begins re-broadcasting KUOM-FM and KDXL-FM from the KUOM-AM tower in Falcon Heights.
  • The August 2005 Rolling Stone issue features an article on "Schools that Rock" naming Radio K the reason that the University of Minnesota rocks. (Click here to view the gallery)



  • Radio K changes its trademark purple logo to a new, modern blue design and also changes its slogan from “Real College Radio” to the new “Where Music Matters Most”



  • A 99-watt translator located at 104.5 FM goes live. It is located near Radio-K's studios in the Rarig Center on the West Bank Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota.
  • October 3, 2009 - Radio K goes on the FM 24 hours per day at 104.5 FM and 100.7 FM
    Hear the FM 24/7 announcement:
  • Radio K FM 24/7 Kare 11 News Report


Radio K now regularly receives accolades from local newspapers and magazines, especially the weekly City Pages which has consistently ranked the station among the best for music in the region. Pitchfork Media founder Ryan Schreiber also commonly cites the station's influence as having been an integral factor in his decision to start an online publication dedicated to the coverage of independent music. The station receives about 120 new recordings each month which are filtered through a large group of reviewers and disc jockeys. Recordings that pass muster are added to a large playlist that is constantly updated, and on-air DJs use the list for about 60% of the music played while choosi


ng the rest on their own.


  • President Kaler was on Radio K's Rock 'n Roll Over to celebrate back to school and his inauguration week!  He had never been to the the "penthouse" level of Rarig, (i.e the 6th floor), and Todd played his favorite song of all time, "Luckenbach, Texas" by Waylon Jennings.


  • Radio K Studio tour 2012



  • City Pages declairs Radio K "Best Radio Station"
  • Radio K wins three awards at the College Music Journal convention
    • Best Community Resource
    • Biggest Champion of the Local Scene
    • Most Creative Programming
  • These achievements are mentioned in national news outlets


Logo History

Logo1.pngLogo2.png Logo3.png Logo4.png Logo5.png Logo6.png Logo7.png Logo8.png


From the Radio K Archives

Since 1993, Radio K has been providing Minnesotans and the rest of the world with outstanding musical content. We've been cleaning house over the past few years (give us a break - we're dirty students), and we've discovered a lot of old information from yester-year that we wanted to share with you.

Instudios since 1993

Ever wonder who exactly has been in the Radio K studios since our inception in 1993? Some of the names include The Beta Band, Metric, Vic Chestnutt, Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire, and more! We are still working hard to make this list complete, if you have any information please email

Radio K's In-studio History

Top 77 Albums

We had to dig deep through the archives to find most of these lists. As you'll notice, some are scanned - others are typed. But this provides a thorough history of 19 years of opinions from Radio K listeners, DJs, staff, and volunteers about what was hot in music at the time. Enjoy!

1994 / 1995 / 1996 / 1997

1998 / 1999 / 2000 / 2001

2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005

2006 / 2007 / 2008 / 2009

2010 / 2011 /2012 /2013










  • Best Local Music Broadcast - Radio K's Off the Record
    City Pages
  • 2011 CMJ (College Music Journal) Music and Film Festival Nominations:
    • Best Student-Run Station
    • Best Community Resource
    • Best Champion of the Local Scene
    • Outstanding Leadership in College Radio: Caleigh Souhan and Jon Schober
  • Best Radio Station (#3) - Lists of Lists 2011


  • Nomination for Best Feature: Sarah Boden's “Women and Bikes?”
    CBI (College Broadcasters, Inc) Student Production Awards
  • Winner: Best Student Sports Reporting: “Skijoring”
    CBI (College Broadcasters, Inc) Student Production Awards
  • Best Radio Station Nominee
    College Music Journal: College Radio Awards
  • Best Student-Run Radio Station Nominee
    Colleg Music Journal: College Radio Awards
  • Top 40 Best Little Radio Stations in the U.S.
    Paste Magazine
  • Best Radio Station
    City Pages


  • Mark of Excellence Award
    (Society of Professional Journalists
    • News Reporting, 1st place: “Cedar-riverside shooting” (Reporter Sarah Boden)
    • News Reporting, 3rd  place: “DTV” (Reporter Ron Miller)
    • Feature, 3rd Place: “Safe Cigarette Reactions” (Reporter Sarah Boden)
    • In- Depth Reporting, 3rd place: “Pioneer of Broadcasting: KUOM” (Reporter Ron Miller)
    • Sports Reporting, 1st place: “Gopher Football 2008” (Reporter Marco LaNave)
    • Sports Reporting, 2nd place: “Hot Start: Gopher Basketball” (Reporter Marco LaNave)
  • Eric Sevareid Award
    (Northwest Broadcast News Association)
    • News Cast: “Live from the Minnesota State Fair” (Reporters Ron Miller and Ryan Wilson)
    • Documentary/ Special: “Solar Car Adventure” (Reporter Ron Miller)
    • Spot News: “Cedar Riverside Shooting” (Reporter Sarah Boden)
  • CBI (College Broadcasters, Inc) Student Production Awards
    • Winner: Best Student Media Website
    • Finalist: Best Station Promotion


  • Minnesota Associated Press Awards
    (Class 1 – Stations with 0 or 1 full time reporters)
    • Feature: "Combine Demolition Derby" (Reporter Ron Miller)
    • Series/Special: "Radio K News: At the Minnesota State Fair" (Reporter Ron Miller)
    • Documentary/Investigative: "Remembering December 7th" (Reporter Lee Vandenbusch)
  • Eric Sevareid Award 
    Northwest Broadcast News Association
    • Talk/Public Affairs: "Remembering December 7th" (Reporter, Lee Vandenbusch)


  • Best Student Group
    Grape Vine Award (Minnesota Daily)
  • Collegiate Broadcasters Incorporated National Awards
    • Best sports reporting: "Alex Daniels Feature" (finalist)
    • Best Student Media Website: (finalist)


  • Media Best Awards: Minnesota Broadcasters Association
    • Commercial Spot
    • Hard News Feature
    • Potpourri
    • Public Service Announcement
    • Soft News Feature
    • Sports
    • Station Promotion
  • Maroon Award
    University of Minnesota Communicators Forum
  • Collegiate Broadcasters Incorporated National Awards
    • Best sports reporting: "Zach Puchtel" (finalist)
    • Best regularly scheduled program: "Robots with Tears" (finalist)
    • Best DJ: Geoff Thaden (finalist)


  • Best Radio Station
    Grape Vine Award (Minnesota Daily)
  • Media Best Awards
    Minnesota Broadcasters Association
    • Commercial Spot
    • Station Promotion


  • Best Hip Hop Program (The Beat Box)
    City Pages, readers' choice
  • Best AM Radio Personality (Mark Wheat)
    City Pages, readers' choice


  • Best Radio Station
    City Pages, readers' choice
  • Best Rap Program (The Beat Box)
    City Pages, readers' choice
  • Champions Award
    Emergency Food Shelf Network
  • Eric Sevareid Award
    Northwest Broadcast News Association
    • First Place: Feature "Firefighters"
    • Award of Merit: Audio "Critical Mass"
    • Award of Merit: Series "EMO Review"
  • Page One Award
    Society of Professional Journalists
  • First Place
    Radio "Maroon and Gold Memories"


  • Best Rap Program (The Beat Box)
    City Pages, readers' choice
  • Q Award
    Minneapolis Committee on Urban Environment


  • Best Radio Station
    City Pages, readers' choice and critics' choice
  • Best Rap Program (The Beat Box)
    City Pages, critics' choice
  • Station of the Year
    Association of Minnesota Public/Educational Radio Stations
  • Minnesota Music Award, Best Specialty Recording for Stuck on AM II: Live Performances on 770 Radio K


  • Best Radio Station
    City Pages, readers' choice
  • Clarion Award
    American Women in Radio and Television


  • Best Radio Station in the Twin Cities
    City Pages
  • Best Rock Station
    Twin Cities Reader
  • Station of the Year
    Association of Minnesota Public/Educational Radio Stations
  • Runner Up, Station of the Year
    Fourth National College Radio Awards