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Weekly Release Spotlight: Pomegranates

Posted on 7/16/2012



[Modern Outsider]

Get ready to turn up the car stereo because the new album from Pomegranates is the perfect summer jam album.  Maybe it’s the awesome falsetto breakdowns in “Pass Away” or the fast-pace rhythm of “Lost Lives,” but their new album Heaven is sure to make you dance in your seat or put you in the mood for a nice trolley ride through the city.   This album, released June 5th of 2012, is full of fantastic guitar riffs, smooth vocals, and the perfect quantities of reverb.  Perhaps it’s time to plan another road trip because you’ll have this album on repeat all the way (well… some of the way) there.

Don’t be fooled by their opening song “Heaven,” which starts with a leg-kicking, hair-shaking tune, because Pomegranates opens up to their soft side by the time track five, “Something Everybody Wants,” comes around.  The following songs, “Letters” and “Dream,” reminisce with a slower, retro-80’s sound.  After the urge to sway back and forth with a lighter (or a smart-phone app of one), the tempo picks back up for “Lost Lives.”  Heaven closes with a piano ballad, accompanied by electronic instruments with lots of delays and echoes.  

Pomegranates certainly shines with their new release.  The album is perfectly laid out with its consistent sound and cohesive style.  They excel in combining classical instruments, such as piano, and mixing in synthesizers, electric guitars, and studio produced sounds.  The vocals are unique due to their variety; some songs have the singers harmonize in a Beatles kind of way, and other times, it’s a one-man-show of simplicity and emotion.  You’ll find that Pomegranates successfully explores different genres and decades of music. “Sisters” makes you want to wear raggedy T-shirts, and “Night Run” will put bubble gum and Scrunchy stores out of business.  Each song is full of character, but all of the songs together are what make the album complete.   

Pomegranates is composed of four members: Jacob Merritt on the drums; Isaac Karns and Joey Cook with vocals, guitars, keyboards; and Curt Kiser on guitar.  They began in 2006, and their first album was released in 2009.  Since then, they have managed to produce an album every year.  The members reside from Cincinnati, Ohio, and they went on tour earlier this year.

Written by Meagan Nouis, Radio K volunteer.

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