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Weekly Release Spotlight: Twin Shadow

Posted on 7/22/2012


Twin Shadow


On the surface, Twin Shadow’s latest album, Confess, is a lot like their 2010 debut LP, Forget. Both are full of classic guitar lines, precise synths, tales of failed love sung with just the perfect hint of vulnerability and machismo, and a near devotion to recreating 80’s New Wave sounds.

But where Forget was focused on the feelings of the past, Confess is all about the details of the present. Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr. meticulously wrote and produced each song, including recording almost every instrument and dub on the album. His effort and attention to detail pays off. There isn’t a moment where his dedication isn’t both self-evident and rewarding.

George Lewis easily combines the flanged guitar and synth organ sounds of 80’s New Wave with cutting edge, hip hop influenced beats and synths. Every track is carefully enshrined within a shimmering halo of reverb. However, this is no lush, shoegaze reverb. This is the hollow ambiance that comes from confessing your sins in the belly of a barren cathedral.

Confess truly shines when Lewis lets loose on the uptempo tracks like Five Seconds, Beg for the Night or Golden Light, which perfectly capture his renegade, motorcycle riding persona dealing with the untimely end of his relationships. He boasts about his unflinching acceptance and indifference, yet every boast reveals his own insecurities and weaknesses.

Over the years, Lewis has never stopped refining his sound, leading to an incredibly cohesive album. Every track flows right into the next with a perfect cadence of slow and soft mixed with fast and heavy. The range of expression he can coerce out of his synths and guitars is staggering. In a moment they can change from delicate and intimate to triumphant and boisterous. This emotion is matched by the lyrical content and their delivery, leading to a powerful look inside the heart of a renegade.

Twin Shadow is the stage name of multi-instrumentalist George Lewis Jr. Started in 2006, Twin Shadow released its first album, Forget, in 2010.

Written by Alex Breyfogle, Radio K volunteer.

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