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Weekly Release Spotlight: Deleted Scenes

Posted on 7/29/2012


Deleted Scenes
Young People's Church of the Air

[Sockets Records]

 Young People’s Church of the Air is this week’s Weekly Release Spotlight at Radio K? Wait a minute, didn’t that album drop last year?

It sure did! But luckily for avid followers of the art rock scene, Deleted Scenes was ambitious enough to issue a re-release that includes two new bonus tracks. The switch over to their new label, Park the Van, sparked a second release for their follow-up of their acclaimed 2009 debut LP Birdseed Shirt. For those of you who did not catch Young People’s Church of the Air the first time around, now might be the time to give it a listen. It is practically impossible to categorize this album into a single genre, and the wide range of musical influences that can be heard provide reason to believe that this album has qualities most music fans will appreciate.  

A majority of the songs have condensed layers of activity that synchronize very well. “The Days of Adderall” may come off as a flurry of scattered noises on the first listen, but don’t give up on it before the chorus. The random clatters drop out, leaving a catchy blend of spacey guitar strums and distant vocals. “Bedbedbedbedbed” features a captivating drum loop that sucks you in while front man Dan Scheuerman serenades an “immaculate girl sent from above.” Deleted Scenes sheds their playful side when “A Bunch of People Who Love You Like Crazy” comes on – a heavy, ambient mesh of a jam that embodies power not heard up until this point in the album. A hint of some dubstep influence sets this track apart from the others.

Musically speaking, Young People’s Church of the Air is all over the place – but in a good way. At one particular instance, it sounds as if the Beach Boys have traveled through time from the 60’s to record “Baltika 9”, which is easily one of the most energetic songs on the album. A couple of tracks down the line, they morph from Brian Wilson and the gang into a modern version of The Pixies for the garage/grunge rock tune “What an Awesome Backhanded Compliment”. The shrieking guitar riff over the distorted bass will surely strike a chord with anyone who loves to crank the volume and rock out. Each song is different from the last, which makes Young People’s Church of the Air a distinctive album even though the sources for their inspiration are thrown in the listeners’ face.

The four-man band from Washington, D.C. has been busy as of late. From touring this summer to support their re-release to writing new material that they will record later this year for their third LP, Deleted Scenes is no doubt the most productive group of people in our nation’s capital. If you have the chance, it is recommended that you give this album a listen. Overall, it is a solid sophomore effort from a band that will hopefully continue to grow and develop their own style.

Written by Luke Hochrein, Radio K volunteer.

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