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Fall 2012 Pledge Drive donor comments and updates: 9/21

Posted on 9/21/2012

Radio k was always my favorite (only) radio station when I was a student at the U. Post-graduation, I still listen in, and I want to make sure the music lives on for myself and current students. Nickolas - Ilinois

I'll never grow up. Kelly - Minneapolispledgeday1caleigh.jpg

Can’t find the quality and variety of music that you play on the air in Milwaukee. Brian - Wisconsin

I just love and need Radio K. Rodney - Minneapolis

Great truly independent DJs playing music they care about. Peter - California

New music, local music, and yes, some keytar. Kathy - Roseville

Great music. Barton - Waconia

I dig that you guys don't restrict yourselves to the latest single and play a true variety of tunes. The in-studios are reliably good and you sponsor some great shows (Atlas Sound @ the Cedar). Chris - St. Paul

I have listened to Radio K since 1995 and it has introduced me to some of my favorite musicians of all time.  Thanks for everything over the years! Naomi - Minneapolis

Diversity in music, showcases local talent, REAL DJs, supporting local University, and COOL factor of course. Robin - St. Paul

I've always loved the K. I used to be a member but then I sort of stopped listening to the radio. Recently I had the opportunity to visit studio K with my band and play a live set. Since then I've been listening religiously to the radio to see what I've been missing. And what I found was that Radio K hasn't lost its edge. Every other song I hear on the K is a complete classic and totally assaults the wall of mediocrity that plagues nearly every other station. So glad to hear you on the FM dial now as well. I wish I could donate more, but I'm mighty poor. Please don't ever change. Nicholas - St. Paul

To learn about new artists. Jacob - New York

Variety of music. I love it. Lisa - Cottage Grove

Best mix of music on the radio! Josh - Minneapolis

Live streaming at work makes my day possible. Soon - Minneapolis

Lots of music new to me. Michael - California

Best place to find new independent music, plus great older stuff.  I love the Those Meddling Kids and I loved Chuck and Joel from Cosmis Slop - the station seems to continually be a great place for good thigs to blossom.  Thank you for being completely drenched in awesome sauce! Wendy - Minneapolis

Great music selection. I also love your commentary on the songs you play. Emily - Minneapolis

Source of truly alternative music. Craig - Minneapolis

The most interesting music around, and no commercials! Daniel - Minneapolis

Having Radio K as the college radio station for my University is inspirational, plus all y'all are pretty cool cats. Stephen - South Dakota

I love the variety of college radio. And finding new music. John - Bloomington

It's where I learn about music - it always surprises. Patrick - Washington D.C.

Cause it's so yummy. David - Minneapolis

I like to hear Tomorrow's music Today! Thomas - Proctor

Being introduced to cool new music.  Great variety. Tim - Baltimore

The most amazing combination of music I know and love and music I don't know, but will love. Stephen - Minneapolis

I like the wide variety of music, and MN 90. Melanie - Minneapolis

I have lots of reasons, but the top three are:
   1.  I have slacked off membership for far too long
   2.  I've been loving Radio K International for years (also Cosmic Slop, Girl Germs, Out of Step, and many many more!)
   3.  I am so glad that there is this kind of a specialty show in a weekend slot, namely, the wonderful "Sound Grammar" with its enthusiastic programmer.  Most awesome! Carla - Minneapolis

You have been my source for new music since the day I moved back to town -- which was right about the time you went on the air!  I don't know what'd I'd do without you. Megan- Minneapolis

The music.  You take chances.  Thank you. Chad - Minneapolis

More new music, great specialty shows, no boredom. Julie - Minneapolis

its always what I want to hear. Kimberly - Minneapolis

I've been a listener and supporter since you began in 1993 -- keep up the GREAT work!!! Emil - Mound

Great music & it's fun to listen to the student DJ's! Ann - Minneapolis

Radio K makes me so happy. Sara - Minneapolis

I just started listening, after being in the Cities for 10 years.  I love hearing a new band every time I tune in.  Thank you! Margaret - Minneapolis

Radio K is the only reason I'm still hip. Without Radio K, I lose all my cred. Lee - St.Paul

I started listening to Radio K in high school and even got to volunteer at RadioK while at the U.  We have the radio tuned to Radio K in the house & in the car (many a dance party has been started because of Radio K!)  
I have grown up on K and now my 3 year old daughter gets to grow up on Radio K.  How awesome is that?!
Radio K is everything a Radio station should be.  Loves you guys! Megan - St. Paul

You guys, and gals, are fun! Plus, when I'm sitting with headphones on and eating beef stew, I feel like dancing! Jenny - St. Paul

You play an amazing breadth of music and have great on-air personalities. Anna - St. Paul


It's the closest thing to radio we have. John - St. Paul

I love local music! Leo - Minneapolis

Real College Radio is exciting. John - New Brighton

I love how I hear music on Radio K that doesn't get played on other Twin Cities stations until weeks or months later.  I love how Radio K has such a great variety of music played that Iit never sounds predictable.  Grandpa Joe rocks my face and I miss the old OTR theme which was always my signal that the weekend was about to begin.  Radio K is a TC institution and everyone shoudl support it! Lena - Brooklyn Park

RadioK always introduces me to something new and reminds me how much I love Minnesota. The passion of the RadioK djs is truly infectious. Keep up the amazing work! Sarah - New York

I enjoy Radio K's specialty shows (especially Channel K and Club K), but what *really* keeps me coming back is the wonderful mix of music you play during all the *other* hours of the week. I'm proud to support Radio K! Gregory - Minneapolis

I depend on Radio K to keep me informed about new bands that end up coming to Austin for SXSW and the ACL Festival.  I cannot find a better radio station, online or otherwise.  Thank you so much!  My 3-year-old loves to listen as well. Aaron - Texas

you guys play the best music around. lots of variety, good DJs, and more music. Tyler - Minneapolis

I appreciate Radio K's enthusaistic DJs and the opportunity to find out about great new music--in just the past year I've heard about artists like Food Pyramid, Twin Sister, and Toro Y Moi, among others, all thanks to Radio K. Denny - Minneapolis

Best Radio Station ever! Alfred - St. Paul

I left Minneapolis, but I will always come home to you Radio K. David - Illinois

I'd still be a depressed chemistry major if it weren't for Radio K. Leah - Minneapolis

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