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Fall 2012 Pledge Drive donor comments and updates: 9/25

Posted on 9/25/2012

"AWESOME MUSIC...and they allow me to DJ there!!" - Joe, Robbinsdale

"By far the most diverse collection of music on the radio!" - Chris, Minneapolis

"Best music of all: new, local, cool, everything." - Rich, St. Paul

"eclectic music" - Ellen, Eagan

"Caleigh, Tom, and other Meagan!  I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm sitting here drinking wine and listening to Radio K in ROME (It's 6:25 PM here).  I miss everyone at the station!  And as much as I love being abroad this semester, I miss the station more than anything.  I'm super glad I can stream Radio K online.  Keep it up!" - Meagan, Little Falls

"New volunteer wanting to become a DJ! Love the station's musical diversity, I love house music, and I want the lady to sing the chorus of I Believe I Can Fly :))" - Paul, Minnetonka

"I listen to RadioK everyday, all day and love the commitment to consistent fresh new music with no commercial interruptions. The best station in the country." - Wayne, Minneapolis

"1 more dollar because I loved hearing my name :)) and the music channeling through my headphones!" - Paul, Minnetonka

I heart you all. Every day should be Radio K Day. Keep up the good work!!" - Meagan, Minneapolis

"Over the years Radio K has hooked me up with more free concert tickets than I can possibly count. All I did to snag these tickets is follow them on Twitter and Facebook and call in when they give them away on-air. It is so satisfying when I snag a ticket to a show I can't afford to attend any other way! Now it's my turn to have YOUR back, Radio K. I don't have much, but I'm happy to give $5 a month to help keep y'all rolling for another 100 years!" - Alison, Minneapolis

"To encourage Koolness sprinkled w/ love throughout the universe!!" - Mark, Minneapolis

"because you rock a creative playlist - i am giving my last 2 dollars. if i had more i would give more! thanks." - Andra, South St. Paul

"Wow, great question! I've been listening for, oh, 15+ years and every year I find a new reason to listen, be it Cosmic Slop, Off The Record, or my new favorite, Basement Vinyls. Not to mention the great new music I hear every day. Keep it up K!!!" - Ferguson, Brooklyn Park

"RadioK is the only station in the Twin Cities (the universe ??) to consistently play new and challenging music on a regular basis.  One of my favorite days of the week is now Sunday because of Rude Radio, RadioK International, and my most cherished Clashed Attitudes.  I have reached a point where I take nothing for granted, and each day I hear Radio K instead of the typical corporate slime dripping throughout the FM spectrum, I am a happier person." - Bill, St. Paul

"Sweetness" - Lana, Minneapolis

"I listen to Radio K every day when driving to and from work. Rarely do I ever switch to something else, so much of the music is that good. Lots of interesting stuff I hear nowhere else, including local music, which I greatly enjoy." - Brian, St. Paul

"Radio K rocks my socks off!!! Thanks for your free giveaways!" - Andrew, Minneapolis

"Y'all play the best music on the radio; hands down!" - Zyra, Minneapolis

"y'all hook me up with tickets and new music all the time. keep it up homies" - Kristine, Minneapolis

"Music Selection" - Scott, Missouri

"EVERYONE CAN DONATE A DOLLAR.  LOOK I DID IT! Also, only station with punk a punk rock show in the Twin Cities.  Come on, that's pretty neat." - Morgan, Minneapolis

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