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770 AM, 100.7 and 104.5 FM

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Spring 2013 Pledge Drive donor comments and updates: 2/20

Posted on 2/21/2013

"Radio K rules!" - Jonathan, Minneapolis

"They play the Beach Boys." and "Bruce. Springsteen. Yes." - Ian, Matteson, IL

"More guts than the current." - Joseph, St. Paul

"Love the music. Love the amateur DJs who forget to turn off the Facebook sound effects on their laptops when they're using itunes on the air. It's just a symbolic donation, but every penny counts these days. Thanks for all the hard work. I'll be listening." - Jeffrey, Minneapolis

"Clashed Attitudes, Real Punk Radio." - Morgan, Eau Claire, WI

"The programming is second to none." - Dana, Woodbury

"Here's to keeping me on my toes, maintaining an excellent and interesting rotation, and for not playing Dawes." - Rob, Minneapolis

"For me, Radio K has been one of most influential factors in finding great new music since I first started listening 15 years ago. You are all doing an incredible job running what is, in my mind, the best radio station in town!" - Patrick, Minneapolis

"I've been listening for a long time and have been turned on to all kinds of great new music by Radio K.  Keep up the good work." - Steve, St. Paul

"Ah mah gahd love this place. Changed my soul. Also want Jim DuBois to match!" - Ross, North Oaks

"We live in the desert and we need Radio K to survive in this harsh and unforgiving environment.  God Bless Radio K." - T. Lane, Albuquerque, NM

"listening to radio k makes me feel like it's summer everyday." - Leah, Minneapolis

"Radio K is what college radio should be: great music, passionate DJs and the widest playlist around." - Sarah, St. Paul

"You guys are unpretentious, play sick jams, and your signal comes in clean on my radio. You're my alarm in the morning, and my release at night. Thanks!" - Molly, Minneapolis

"The good vibes and broad selection delivered by low attitude djs" - Eric, St. Paul

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