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Spring 2013 Pledge Drive donor comments and updates: 2/22

Posted on 2/23/2013

"Love it all but totally rock out to Grandpa Joe's Basement Vinyls!!!" - Rick, Minneapolis

"I've been listening since the very beginning...want RadioK to be around forever!" - Scott, Minneapolis

"Nearly every day I hear something I've never heard before. Ineviteably, I have to Shazam or call to find out what I'm listening to - I love that!" - Shana, Minneapolis

"Radio K is the only station I listen to & has been for the past 10+ years.   Thank you for everything!" - Tracie, St. Paul

"Wide range of new music and silly dj discourse" - Joe, Minneapolis

"Radio K gives me access to artists, bands, events and whole genres of music I wouldn't previously be exposed to.  each time I tune into the ongoing musical conversation I get new perspectives." - Dylan, Minneapolis

"Best radio in town." - Tom, Roseville

"Lots of them, but the lack of Mumford and Sons is high on the list." - Ben, Minneapolis

"It's like radio but no suck." - Clayton, Minneapolis

"Because I always find new music and events.
Because I can talk to or email a DJ and THEY CARE.
Because I feel connected to the station.
Because of the importance of the station to the students who work there.
Because music is the mission, and the mission is sound." - Carrie, Minneapolis

"I would be a very sad person if I didn't have Radio K." - Bel, Minneapolis

"I only discovered you on my FM dial a few months back, and it's been a revelation ever since.  Your programmers have a great appreciation for all that's creative, fun and cool in contemporary music, and it makes me feel very hip indeed when I Shazam the songs they spin.  I'm an alum from many years ago, and the station was nothing like this back then.  Proud to show my support." - Brad, Minneapolis

"The other morning I was listening and the djs said that someone named Steve had pledged. I immediately got a text from a friend who moved to DC a few years ago wondering if it was me. I love the feeling that even when we leave Minneapolis we still share the community of Radio K. I listened to it when I lived in Brooklyn, he listens to it now in DC, because nothing compares. You are simply the best radio station in the universe. Prince would say "Nothing Compares 2 U." Thanks!" - Steve, Minneapolis

"So many other college stations have shuttered.  It's too valuable whether talking the usic or the opportunity for learning radio" - Matthew, Hopkins

"CHASE IS AWSOME!!!!" - Brad, Bancroft, WI

"I'm almost 40. Radio K is the only thing standing between me and a future where I listen to nothing but old 80s hits while letting my dentures soak." - Mark, Minneapolis

"The best station." - Neal, Woodbury

"Good times." - Chuck, Minneapolis

"The great support and coverage of local music." - Joe, Roseville

"The Current does its job of getting people to listen to more alternative music, but for deeper cuts Radio K is truly the only station where fresh tracks are happening. Plus OTR rules." - Adam, Minneapolis

"My main source for new music." - Benjamin, Minneapolis

"I like it." - Daphne, Minneapolis

"I love the variety and adventurousness of the Radio K playlist--it's the place I find all my new favorite artists." - Dennis, Minneapolis

"I enjoy listening the unpredictible ways of radio K. The discovering of the new and the rediscovering of the old bands. Since I moved to Minnesota from Colombia I have not liked any other station more than Radio K." - Alejandra, St. Paul

"Love y'all" - Machen, Minneapolis

"OTR." - Rev K

"Radio K is the very best.  Nothing can beat pure enthusiasm and passion, which are the two things Radio K will always and forever be based on.  I love Radio K.  I learned about so many amazing bands and people while I was at the station, and it continues to amaze and surprise me.

Radio K is exactly what non-commercial radio should be - focused on the music and music only.  You'll only hear a song on Radio K if someone has geeked out to that song at song point.  Mediocrity isn't an option at Radio K, and that should be cherished.

My heart hurts thinking about how much I love this station and everything it's involved in.  It made me the person I am today and it's also shaped the lives of so many Minneapolis and St. Paul individuals.  I met my best friends at Radio K.  I love everything Radio K represents, and it's impression on college radio cannot be beat.

Other college radio stations can't even compete with Radio K.  It's Minnesota Nice distilled into audio form.  Always youthful, heartfelt and passionate.  I can't emphasize that enough.  The pure uninhibited passion that flows from every single volunteer and member of that station is amazing.  You've danced with them at shows.  You've sung along to your favorite songs with them.  You've sat in your car until the song ends even though you're at your destination.  Radio K truly represents the Minnesota music scene, and if you love music as you should, please consider donating to Radio K.  It'll be the best decision you ever make.

I love you guys.  Keep making me smile every time I listen in.  Don't ever change." - Caleigh, Lakeville, MN

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