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Radio K at SXSW 2013 update: The Blind Shake, pt. 3

Posted on 3/14/2013

Had a phenomenal show at the Volstead in East Austin with Los Vigilantes and Las Ardillas, two Puerto Rican rock/punk bands. Lots of folks were right up front all night getting sweaty. Such a blast. And just when we thought the night couldn't possibly get any cooler, it didn't. Some suckers broke into our rental van, stealing a Fender Bassman 100, a Music Man head, a baritone, and a brand new, homemade guitar cab that was only used once. 

I get it, blame the victim, right? "Why did you leave stuff in the van? Why didn't you walk it the one mile to the venue even though the venue said not to bring any extra gear because there was nowhere to store it?" Um, you just answered your own question on that one, son. But I will hold you (meaning society) to the "blame the victim strategy" when I find the dude (lets be honest, it was a male) responsible. "Oh my gosh! Why was this poor thief cooked and eaten?" Well, any good hunter eats what they kill. And he was steamed. Get your facts straight. They real question is, why was he dumb enough to get caught? See, we're blaming the victim now. Good. Back on track. Oh, and why is there a gimp in my car? Too many questions. They key here is we all learned a valuable lesson here. And THAT'S one to grow on!
- The Blind Shake

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