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Radio K at SXSW 2013 update: The Blind Shake, pt. 6

Posted on 3/17/2013

Another day of three shows. The first was Peelander Z's showcase outdoor at the Grackle. We played this venue three years ago and played in front of two dudes and a pile of gravel. Now the place was full of show goers. What a difference a Z makes. 

The next show was outside at Barbarella with Minneapolis's the Sleeze, and Manatees from Memphis. This was put together by Rubberneck magazine, a great photo journalism zine created by fantastic people. A fun show.

The third show was a last minute addition to the Slovenly Records showcase. We were the only American band on the bill. We played with a one man band called King Automatic from France. Guitar, kick, snare, hi-hat, keyboard, and some other mystery instruments that came in. The guy was phenomenal. He would make the world's best administrative assistant because of his ability to multitask. Instead, he's the world's best one-man band.
The best discovery of this whole trip, though, was a band from Amsterdam called the Anamolys. Three super tall blonde dudes, two guitars, and a stripped down drum kit. They are wilder than mountain scenery. It was truly not rude when I shoved the drummer and guitar player to get back on stage to play one more. It was in the name of justice. No way should those guys ever stop playing. During their encore, they entered the crowd and took over the tables and somehow made it back to their starting point at the perfect time in the song. Amazing band. Great people. I understand, maybe you don't dig tall, handsome blonde dudes, but if I was able to get past it, so will you. The Anamolys!

- The Blind Shake

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