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Radio K at SXSW 2013 update: Carroll

Posted on 3/16/2013

Rocking a Freeway entrance ramp and Hosting Someone Else's BBQ

Yesterday was one of those days that was great and not just because it was PI-day. We had a breakfast of free nachos and beer, courtesy of some "startup that is going to revolutionize the way we optimize synergy blahblahblah." We had a show at a Lounge with a stage overlooking an entrance ramp to the freeway. As the drummer, I spent most of the set watching the cars go by, reflecting on the migratory nature of Americans in motor vehicles. Where were they all going? What did their futures hold? What song are we even playing, oh my god I have been lost in reflection for the past hour?!
We are being hosted by some friends of our and thought we'd buy them some meat to grill. It is grill o'clock down in Austin. We bought a rack of ribs, some bacon (to wrap asparagus in), and a variety of brats. That should be enough, right? Wrong, dude. We show up to the house and this "small bbq" has reared its head as a full on social gathering/ party. There were more mouths to feed than we could conceive of. In a panic, we (4 people who neither live at this house nor know any of the guests) began relegating tasks to random Texans. "Dude in the hat, go get some coleslaw. Lady with the blue hair, we need more hot sauce!" In the end, a group of men with more proverbial hairs on their chests stepped up and did the kind of grilling that the boys of Carroll aren't wired to do. The guests were fed, a fire was lit, and a game called "Hot Potato Jr." was invented.
Anyway, we have two shows to play today and then we head back to Minnesota, an unforgiving 18 hour drive where every mile corresponds with a drop in degrees. 
With bare feet in the grass,
Charlie Rudoy, drummer in Carroll

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