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Weekly Release Spotlight: Not Without Work and Rest by Last Good Tooth

Posted on 6/3/2013

Last Good Tooth
Not Without Work and Rest

[Team Love]


Fairs, festivals, block parties, and caravans of crust-punks are making their way into our lives in the Midwest. The Last Good Tooth sounds much like what one would hear at the  State Fair, Grand Ol’  Days, or on a train car bound for the expanse of the American  homeland. Not  Without Work and Rest, is  honestly some good old Americana that fits perfectly with the arrival of the warmer months which are  not themselves without the hours spent grinding through sweaty crowds, pavement radiance, and wafting aromas of  sweet corn and hot-dogs in our best attempts at American leisure.

“I am American, raise that red, white and blue” sings Penn Sultan on the track  “Problems Leave Out of Mouths” in which he acknowledges the connotation that others might not be convinced that  Last Good Tooth is anything extraordinary or exceptional. However this is what fuels him to sing and pluck his instrument with fervor and passion. In a very endearing way this record comes across rather humble; that the idea behind the music is more important than the music itself. That Last Good Tooth is more about the  inspiration  and the source of passion than about crafting the next big thing.

However, those of Last Good Tooth cannot hide that they are talented musicians. Each song introduces an enticing guitar melody that leads to an aged sounding voice of Sultan- who effortlessly but wearily carries the momentum into strings and rhythms that pull the listener into a romantic daydream of  rural summers and tales of scoundrels on the trail. Last Good Tooth does a fantastic job invoking the imagery  many are familiar of, but have yet to find energy within. Listening to Not Without Work and Rest  will get anyone daydreaming about the upcoming seasonal traditions but more importantly it’s the  soundtrack one’s own backyard. To speak the truth, everything is a bit more exciting with a soundtrack

Written by Jerod Greenisen, Radio K volunteer.

"Could You Read"

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