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Radio K at SXSW 2013 update: Strange Names

Posted on 3/16/2013


Awake for 18 hours
Making up characters based on the street signs
"Argyle Justin" is our favorite
Discover the magic of the app "vine"
Now we're abusing it
Amazing weather
Load in for our first showcase at Parkside for the Black/White Iris Party
We are in rare form
Lounge poolside at our along-the-highway Super 8
Get to the venue
We're all wearing similar solid color button ups
First time since November we see our White Iris family
We see our 7" for the first time!
Play a crazy show
Watch the other bands kill it
Booze and street food
Good vibes
Back to the hotel
Day two
Wake up
Drive to Juan In A Million
Breakfast tacos
The pope gets elected
Load in for second showcase at Friends Bar for SESAC
A tab is opened
The code is "scrawny sack"
It never fails to be a nice ice-breaker with the bartender.
We're all wearing similar outfits again except tonight it's patterns
Play a rad show
Good vibes
Joke that we only see bands that start with "C"
Proceed to the Caveman show next door
Proceed to the Carroll show across the street
Old friends
More booze, more street food
Day three
Brunch at the Driskill Hotel
This place is NICE
More breakfast tacos
Bloodies and Mimosas
The long drive home is looming
Drive home
We're back

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First Avenue's Best New Bands of 2012: Strange Names

Posted on 1/11/2013

Tags: Strange Names Best New Bands First Avenue