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Weekly Release Spotlight: Ty Segall

Posted on 11/19/2012


Ty Segall

[Drag City]

He does it once again, Ty Segall is back for the third time this year with Twins.  Under his own name this release is keeps it quick just at 36 minutes filled with aggressive garage rock distortion while still dabbling in fuzzy punk love ballads.  A strong hold between echos of sweet and crushing ring true for Segall and his prolific psychedelic San Franciscan rock.  Hes the kind of artist that you don't expect a continuation of what you've heard before, instead always trying something new and never failing to produce material that drives many listens.
Opening hard with 'Thank God for the Sinners' this release brings great promise of pure and heavy rock, however as the album progresses it strays towards more acoustic tracks about love, or lack there of.  An extremely solid set of tunes follows from the opener onward with rapid 'You're the Doctor' repeating "There's a problem in my brain" and with 'Inside Your Heart' bringing a familiar taste of what Ty is all about -- drenching guitar solos pounded with a killer phrase to haunt you. 'The Hill' is the first single and borrows Thee Oh Sees' Brigid Dawson providing beautiful vocals before kicking it right back into that reckless sound.  Teetering on a coy side 'Love Fuzz' gives a peak into a softer edge while still remaining sexy.  With the longest track piquing off at just over four minutes, Twins reads incredibly concise while drifting into slower battling numbers before culminating at 'There is No Tomorrow'
And with Ty's closing words -- "Won't you come, come away, with me" he expresses the general motif of this release.  One part pleading, two parts long hair, and twelve parts rock inducts Twins with a memorable product for the year.  It leaving fans wondering where he is going to take his sound next and who he will be accompanied with.  Seemingly unstoppable, we can be promised of more sweet garage rock in the near future from Ty Segall.

Written by Jenny Ackerson, Radio K volunteer.

Tags: Ty Segall Twins weekly release spotlight