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Weekly Release Spotlight: Yeasayer

Posted on 8/20/2012


Fragrant World

[Secretly Canadian]

Once again, Yeasayer proves not to disappoint, managing to push the experimental music genre envelope as we know it a bit further. Fragrant World, the band’s third full-length album, is a highly intricate yet cohesive 11 track blend of saturated electronic pop melodies and strikingly keen lyrics.

This successfully creates an atmosphere that many Yeasayer fans know to expect - one of various prophecies and intellections- this time deeper, darker, and trippier than the band’s earlier efforts. In “Longevity”, a single released earlier this summer, we hear this self reflection as Chris Keating, Yeasayer’s lead vocalist/keyboardist sings, “Live in the moment, never count on longevity, please.”

This emphasis on the short-term, if you will, is later juxtaposed in “Henrietta”, a track inspired from Henrietta Lacks, a woman circa 1951 whose cancerous cells were taken without her permission, and to have kept alive and growing on their own- the first “immortal” human cells grown in a lab. Keating chants, “Oh, Henrietta, we can live on forever,” as if to preserve her enduring legacy.

Similarly, with this week’s release of Fragrant World, Yeasayer’s own legacy of progressive yet alluring musicality/lyricism will surely impress fans and intellectuals of all sorts.

Written by Monica Omodt, Radio K volunteer.


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