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Weekly Release Spotlight: Youth Lagoon

Posted on 3/4/2013


Youth Lagoon
Wondrous Bughouse

[Fat Possum]

Youth Lagoon’s newest release is imaginative, whimsical, and curious.  The solo artist, 23-year-old Trevor Powers, leaves you in a trance during his second album titled Wondrous Bughouse.  His songs are layered with synthesizers and delays, all topped with thought-provoking lyrics about life, others, and himself.

The cover art is just as interesting as the music behind it.  What looks to be a middle schooler’s watercolor interpretation of unwound intestines revealing psychedelic worlds, the image keeps you wondering what it all means.  The longer you stare, the more you observe, and the same can be said for the album’s music.  With every listen, you hear new synthesized effects and quirky embellishments.  Just like the album art, Lagoon’s tunes are a journey through unnatural worlds.  Songs like “Attic Doctor” resemble an underwater circus, while “Raspberry Cane” sounds something similar to an exotic graduation ceremony at Disney Land.

There’s hardly a song under the 5-minute mark on this 51-minute album, but nevertheless, the tracks cohesively tie together through sustained instrumentals.  It’s definitely worth letting the songs flow together instead of playing them on shuffle.  Wondrous Bughouse already has two singles, “Mute” and “Dropla,” but also keep an ear out for “Attic Doctor.”

Powers’ biography found on Fat Possum’s website states that his inspiration comes from various bizarre thoughts he has about spiritual worlds and psychological elements.  Through his fascination of mortality, he transfers his fears and realizations into lyrics and melodies.  Powers experiments with these ideas and uses music to organize them.

This is Powers’ second full album following his 2011 release The Year of Hibernation.  Youth Lagoon’s Wondrous Bughouse is released on March 5, 2013.

Written by Meagan Nouis, Radio K volunteer.

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