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The Duke Spirit @ Triple Rock Social Club

Posted on 6/13/2012


The Duke Spirit @ Triple Rock Social Club
June 10th, 2012 

“Come closer Minneapolis, we didn’t drive 27 hours for you to stay away,” beckoned Liela Moss, lead singer of The Duke Spirit as she stormed on stage at the Triple Rock Social Club on June 10th.  Instantly, the audience obeyed and swarmed to the edge of the stage to the guitar rattling “Procession.”

Hacienda was originally slated to open but unfortunately cancelled earlier that day.  Three hours prior to the show opening, local Minneapolis band, The Color Pharmacy swooped in curing the absent opener slot.   The Duke Spirit brought forth an eclectic mix of tracks from their three albums including the fiery “Glorious” and the tambourine infused “Neptune’s Call.”

Moss commanded the energy of the room moving the crowd with her microphone stand waving it about like a female Gandalf, but with much better fashion sense. Her spotted jumper was cleverly equipped with a cape that she frequently fanned out like a superhero that had jumped out from the framed panels of a comic book.  “You Were Born Inside My Heart” mesmerized the audience to sway side to side along with Liela Moss and the hypnotic, thumping bass line.  Relentless vigor with no pauses is what The Duke Spirit embodies making their performance a necessity to see.

Written by Abbie Gobeli, Radio K volunteer

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