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Posts tagged "low"

Track of the Day: The Crookes

Posted on 10/16/2013


The Crookes - "Afterglow"

By: Jerod Greenisen

English rockers The Crookes bring it to you straight. Their latest album is reminiscent of an earlier more honest time during rock 'n' roll. Squalling riffs and easy melodies will get you moving. Check out The Crooks' song "Afterglow" available for download below.

"Afterglow" -


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Track of the Day: TRAAMS

Posted on 7/17/2013


TRAAMS - "Low"

Monday featured a track from Sam Mehran of Outer Limits Recordings, and today we're bringing you a track from the other half of the story. TRAAMS is fronted by MJ (Hookworms) and former Test Icicles (c/o Lightspeed Champion, Mehran, and Attwell) member Rory Atwell. "Low" is of their new EP which is available now on cassette and for digital download. Attwell nails this cassette ready sound with dramatic guitar breaks and grundgey wails. "Low" is available for free download, also check out them out on Fat Cat Records.

"Low" -

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Weekly Release Spotlight: Hollow Boys

Posted on 6/17/2013


Hollow Boys
It's True

[Modern Radio]

Despite the strange weather 2013 has gifted us with, the outdoors seem to be picking up on some semblance of what one would call "summer": the temperatures are warming, the flowers are finally blooming, and the unborn calves are ripe for sacrifice. There are those that may react to this by heading to the beach and blasting their favorite and fuzziest of punk rock jams, while still others may wish to observe from indoors as they realphabetize the somber pop albums that constitute their vinyl collection (as the Smiths never truly go out of season). For those of us conflicted as to which of these paths to take, Hollow Boys have just what you need: a fresh batch of hard-hitting punk tunes with lyrics that hit even harder and aim directly for your heartstrings.
Lead track "Hater" well demonstrates the Hollow Boys' aesthetic, which they have coined as "Gloom Pop", with its initial warm guitar strums soon being joined by the chorus's cold, blunt statement of, "I hate you and I don't care if it makes me cruel." Said statement escorts the listener into a series of focused and dour pop tunes that clock in at a little over two minutes on average. No part of this serving size is put to waste, however, as each track incorporates healthy doses of reverb, feedback, harmonies, and brutally honest lyrics. It's True also does justice to the band's fantastic live presence, and at its heaviest of moments one can easily envision frontman and guitarist Ali Jaafar (of SMMNR and Heaven on Howitzers), bassist Liz Elton (of Kitten Forever), and drummer Monica Coleslaw intensely beating the most sound possible out of their respective instruments.
It's True is a thrilling listen, grabbing your attention immediately and refusing to let go. Some tracks have sections that demand to be shouted along with, such as the "I could never love her like I love you" chorus of "She" or the repeated inquiry of "How are you getting home tonight?" on "Test Patterns". Other tracks, such as "Slow Century", "Untrue", and my personal favorite, "Alone", simply request that you listen intently and soak up these gloomy vibes. The titular track serving as the album's conclusion flaunts these and every other essential element of the album, closing in a furious, feedback-soaked mantra of the title itself; and when it fades out and you realize just how quickly the experience went by, it's true that you'll be wanting more. It's True will hopefully be nothing less than a breakthrough album for the group, as I'm confident that it's the perfect soundtrack for fun in the sun, the beach, the car, the shade, and even at those summer calf sacrifices.

Written by Ross Koeberl, Radio K volunteer



"Hater" -

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Programming Change: Retiring "Go Low" and "By Any Means"

Posted on 6/4/2012



Effective after this week, Radio K will retire two of its acclaimed specialty shows, the R&B show "Go Low" which aired Thursday nights from 8-10pm and the new-millennium hip-hop show "By Any Means" which aired Wednesday nights from 8-10pm. DJ Howard Womack will be transferring from the University of Minnesota to a recording arts university in Florida.

"As many of you already know, this week will be the last week that I'll be doing "By Any Means", "Go Low", or anything on Radio K.  I'm transferring to Full Sail University down in Winter Park, FL this summer to start working on a bachelor's degree in Recording Arts.  My plan is to become a studio engineer in the music industry.  Thus, the decision to end my shows this week was a mutual one between myself and the directors/managers at Radio K." - Howard Womack, host of "Go Low" and "By Any Means".

Radio K will air traditional variety programming during these time slots. Expect the creation of multiple new specialty shows within the coming months.

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Weekly Release Spotlight: Lower Dens

Posted on 6/4/2012


Lower Dens

[Ribbon Music]

Indie rock is a tough world in which to exist in 2012. Too many of its players take a slightly overdriven guitar, plunk out some major chords in common time, and call it a day once they've gotten a predictable haircut to match the music.

Lower Dens have decidedly placed themselves outside of this realm. First of all, they've done their homework. Driving rhythms with a polite hustle underpin many of the tracks present here, a clear nod to the drumming style present in Germany's Krautrock movement of the late 60's and 70's. I could count all the drums fills present on Nootropics on one hand.  Layers appear over the rhythm, bury it, but never stop it from chugging along. Those layers are frequently composed of organic sounds pulled from what seems to be a myriad of guitar effects pedals and obscure synthesizer settings. Such tones make it clear that much time was spent in the recording studio, also evidenced by the unique textures created by multiple vocal overdubs singing in different tambres to create an occasionally otherworldy vocal presence.

Surrealism seems to be a key theme to this album. It's apparent from the cover artwork that it's intended for a late night. What first struck me was its slight similarity to the cover art for David Lynch's psychotic 2006 film Inland Empire. While it doesn't have the "freak out" moments in that film which actually did give me nightmares for a few evenings, it would be totally appropriate to occupy the sonic space of the film where the characters wander around mysterious grimey urban areas at odd hours. There's an incredible uneasiness present when they want it to be, such as on the album's closer, "In the End is the Beginning".

The album is mellow, sure, and if you don't pay attention you might pass it off as another indie dream-pop release. I ask that you keep those ears alert and attentive while absorbing Nootropics as its detailed and rich production will reveal a ghostly sensibility to the album that may be lost on the casual listener but if noticed will make the album an entirely more enjoyable experience. It must be hidden in the reverb.

Tom Steffes is Radio K's Digital Media Producer.

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