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Weekly Release Spotlight: Exitmusic

Posted on 6/11/2012



[Secretly Canadian]

Charging out of the musical hub of Brooklyn, NY, Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church form Exitmusic.  The duo emanates a sound resembling a smoky, ominous Beach House with distinctive atmospheric sonority similar to Sigur Rós.  Exitmusic released their debut album Passage on Secretly Canadian.  The album also features tracks from their previous EP release From Silence, including “The Modern Age.”

“Passage,” the first track, lures you in on the dream-like voyage with its cool, calming vocals and slow thumping piano and kick drum. Pallodino’s shaky vibrato then suddenly detonates accompanied by windy currents of drums and static as Pallodino’s vocals entangle the uproar, “Just don’t let them chase you.” The album transitions into “The Night,” which is as audibly dark as its name.  It is an aching cry that is tragically beautiful with its hopeful vocalizations and twinkling child’s piano keys. It clamors against the dark waves that are emitted throughout all of Passage.  Exitmusic approaches “White Noise” with daring experimentation driven by a thumping drum beat and fuzzy guitars. Pallodino‘s wails reverberate to the point where it sparks out of an overloaded speaker that hazily fades in and out. “The Wanting” is a soothing piece that entrances you like an echoing siren.  Slowly, you can’t help but to drown in this swelling, sonorous ocean.
Exitmusic’s Passage draws you in with hauntingly beautiful vocals that fluctuate in volume and dynamic vibrato. Their brooding undercurrent will undoubtedly hook you with its slow swells but will on occasion drop you into feverish chaos that you didn’t see coming.

Written by Abbie Gobeli, Radio K volunteer.

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