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Posts tagged "rock & roll over"

Rock & Roll Over goes abroad: We Are Augustines

Posted on 11/4/2012

By Abbie Gobeli.

“I wish I moved to Scotland, there’s some familiar about it” smiled We Are Augustines’ guitarist Billy McCarthy as I was leaving The Arches following the interview. We Are Augustines performed that night to a sold-out crowd of adoring fans jumping about and singing along to every lyric.

Their debut album, Rise Ye Sunken Ships has deep emotional roots in McCarthy’s past, which the band now celebrates in healing and flooring audiences with their feats. Their stage presence connects you to them. If you can’t feel their energy flowing into your pores, then you must be unconscious.

Standing at the edge of the stage, McCarthy scans the background of bricks and pipes around him and stares back at the audience taking the moment in,
“I don’t want to forget this show”.

These guys put on a personable show exchanging laughs and conversation amongst themselves and the audience like they are all old friends. “Chapel Song” closed the show and the band hugged and shook hands with fans over the barricades.

“This is rock  ‘n’ roll, says McCarthy smiling through his illness,  “you can’t quit this s__t.”

We Are Augustines interviewed by Abbie Gobeli -

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Rock & Roll Over goes abroad: Jaill

Posted on 11/2/2012

By Abbie Gobeli

Recently in Scotland, I caught up with some familiar faces.  Milwaukee's Jaill told me of their time abroad before performing at Stereo in the heart of Glasgow's city centre.

Jaill interview -

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Rock & Roll Over goes abroad: Iceland Music Export

Posted on 10/25/2012

By Abbie Gobeli

Iceland Music Export was formed in November 2006 to provide a gateway for artists to send their music out to the rest of the globe and for new, eager listeners to hear the sound of Iceland. During my adventures abroad in Iceland, I was lucky enough to catch up with Sigtryggur Baldursson, Managing Director of IMX to discover what Icelandic music has to offer.

What Icelandic groups are essential to the Iceland music scene?
That is a good question. I don’t want to make that call. I have to be pretty diplomatic about this. There are many bands that have done well outside our market. You probably know must of them; The Sugarcubes, Bjork, Sigur Rós, and Of Monsters and Men. There are loads of others I’m sure you’ll hear of soon.

Why is it important for the world to hear Icelandic music?
Iceland is a small market and it’s great for other Icelandic artists to have access to bigger markets.

What is unique about Icelandic live music compared to other countries?
For me, it’s hard to answer. It’s very varied, there’s techno like Gús Gús and Of Monsters of Men, which is a seven-piece band with guitar and accordion. It’s hard to pin down one thing that stands out.

How do musical artists in Iceland usually get their start?
That’s one of the funny things about the market here. One of the reasons we seem to produce so much music is what I call the DIY factor. This homegrown effect empowers a lot of musicians to go make their music.

Find IMX online at

iceland.jpgIMX Playlist:
Sóley - Smashed Birds (touring with Of Monsters and Men in the US)
Múm - Green Grass of a Tunnel
Human Woman - It’s Gonna Hurt You
Bjork - Pluto
Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla
Nóra - Bringsmalaskotta
Bró∂ir Svartulfs - Rólan Sveiflast Enn

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Rock & Roll Over goes abroad: Pop Cop

Posted on 10/5/2012

Glasgow is the hotbed of the Scottish music scene emerging bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, The Fratellis, and Travis.  Erica and Jason, authors of popular Scottish music blog The Pop Cop inform their audiences of what to listen for and what concerts to go to in Glasgow and all about Scotland.  I recently caught up with them to find out how the blog was born and how it has progressed in spreading Scottish music to the world. Visit them at - Abbie Gobeli

Erica's playlist:popcop1.png

  • Chvrches - "The Mother That We Share"
  • Frightened Rabbit - "Head Rolls Off"
  • Meursault - "Settling"
  • Withered Hand - "Religious Songs

Jason's playlist:

  • Admiral Fallow - "Squealing Pigs"
  • Beerjacket - "Jack Chasing Jill"
  • Mumford and Sons - "Little Lion Man (demo)"
  • Jack's Mannequin - "Dark Blue"

Pop Cop

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