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Weekly Release Spotlight: The Daredevil Christopher Wright

Posted on 7/9/2012


The Daredevil Christopher Wright
The Nature of Things

[File Under: Music]

In the track "Andrew The Wanderer" - The Daredevil Christopher Wright speak of "The Great big
depression - Machines have won the war/" Machines may have won the war, but these three midwest
born folkies are proving that humans still have so much more to offer than technological perfection.
Their organic and simplistic approach to music is worthy of attention, especially in the age of lush
digital sounds. Even though the group recorded with Daytrotter founder Patrick Stolley and had access
to a full studio, they still decided to focus on creating dense pieces of music solely within their playing
range so they can perform the songs live.

Instead of lavishly laying down beds over beds of background music, the group focused on using the
instruments only to accent each story rather than create an aural landscape. The result leads to an open
ended approach for listeners, inviting you to come along for the journey amongst confident melodies
and subtle yet poignant percussion. As you interact with each song, it's hard to not imagine yourself
running slow motion through the sunsoaked forests somewhere between Eau Clair and Minneapolis.
For as many in the Eau Clair music scene, Minneapolis is a close second as their musical home. The
space between speaks to an area that cares deeply for the heartfelt pieces of art - and "The Nature of
Things" shows that the group's artistic attention is focused on the elements that make up truly great
songs. Whimsical and light enough to hum along with, yet with each passing glance the tunes turn
into deeper and deeper pools of wisdom of what it truly means to be alive in the 21st century. Past the
gadgets, past the social media factories at work - "The Nature of Things" reminds us of a simpler time
amongst a chaotic and stimulus inflated world. They've nailed the sweet approach to songwriting on
previous releases, but this latest album makes a bold statement as to why they'll stay around for much
longer than the average human lifespan.

Much as their contemporaries Fleet Foxes, the harmonizing on their sophomore effort "The Nature
of Things" showcases the intrinsic beauty of the human voice. As energizing as it is calming, the
power of their vocals far exceeds any machine's interaction. Following their 2011 EP "The Long
Suffering Song," The Daredevil Christopher Wright focuses on the simplicity of acoustic sounds, while
performing elegant complex arrangements for seemingly simple songs. With each listen, the thick
sounds presented distill down to the three men composing each song, leading you through this carefully
orchestrated playground of perception. Focus on tracks "Blood Brother," "Andrew The Wanderer," I &
Thou," and "The Animal of Choice" which also appeared on their last EP release.

Written by Caleigh Souhan, Radio K volunteer.


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