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Radio K at Pitchfork Music Festival

Pitchfork Day 1

Posted on 7/23/2013
Pictured: Mikal Cronin, (photo credit Josh Olson)

Pitchfork Music Festival

Chicago, 2013

Radio K's Best

Written by: Josh Olson

Edited by: Jerod Greenisen

Daughn Gibson

Daughn Gibson’s set was early enough in the day to draw a smaller crowd, which made the show both intimate and incredible because Gibson's stage presence is something that is not to be missed.  Playing tambourine, while vocally nailing the lowest baritone, was the simplest pleasure of the whole day. Gibson was playing samples of classic monologues surely reminiscent of his classic country influences.  It was a welcome start to the day and truly one of the highlights. 

Daughn Gibson's Me Moan is one of the most interesting albums to come out of 2013. Just listen to "You Don't Fade".  All this after his critically acclaimed album All Hell. This album features appeaaences by John Baizley (of Baroness) and Jim Elkington (of Brokeback) and stands for everything Americana should be pushing itself to be. Me Moan fiercely tramples through several classic country samples hand selected and dusted off by Gibson himself. Gibson's vocal range lyrical tendencies that waver between somber darkness and bittersweet optimism make a touching entertaining listen.

Mac DeMarco

To sum up (basically any) Mac D show, put a medley of classic rock songs together with hilarious stage banter and child-like antics.  We got that and more at this show.  The covers included "Blackbird", "Enter Sandman", "Takin’ Care of Business", "Cocaine", and "Rollin’".  During his last song, “Together”, he brought out his girlfriend, Kiki, who sat on his shoulders for the entirety of the song. It is awesome that Mac was able to make it to Pitchford, having just canceled his Minneapolis show due to passport issues.

Mac Demarco's 2 is a sweet and heartfelt ode to lovers and rock 'n roll, or as much as anything of that nature can be. Released mid 2012, to much critical acclaim, we have grown very fond of the release and repect it for its polished qualites that were a welcome addtion after the edgy debut of Rock and Roll Night Club. We look forward to perhaps an even more polished third release or a return to the edge, either way more Mac D, please. 

Mikal Cronin

Mikal Cronin clearly knows how to play rock and roll music, and he wanted the whole crowd to understand.  His music always comes across heavier live, but this show was especially heavy, and Mikal was shredding away for the whole set.

"Kiss Me (Sixpence None the Richer cover)"

Mikal Cronin is a man of contradictions. Lyrically, his songs will bounce between the desire for closure and the insecurity of his motives, or the pleasure of solitude but the fear of loneliness and isolation.  Musically, he spent the majority of 2012 playing bass for the Ty Segall Band, laying down a wall of fuzz for festival goers and simultaneously scaring the living hell out of talk show crowds (their Dave Letterman performance is especially chaotic/incredible). However, Cronin also shows a deep affinity for pop music, going so far as to record ukulele covers of the Proclaimers and Sixpence None the Richer. But despite his highly diverse and scattered musical pedigree, Cronin’s newest record is a terrific showcase of his talents as a songwriter and musical arranger, and is easily one of the most cohesive records to come out of the West Coast garage rock scene in recent years.

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