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Radio K at Pitchfork Music Festival

Pitchfork Day 2

Posted on 7/23/2013



Pitchfork Music Festival

Chicago, 2013

Radio K's Best

Written by: Josh Olson

Edited by: Jerod Greenisen


I was excited to see Low again for many reasons, including them being the only band from Minnesota on the bill, as well as wondering what type of songs Alan Sparhawk would chose to play.  Their set was a perfect mix of noise-y drone and structured songs, which I’ve come to realize is kind of Low’s thing.  Alan was more interactive than in previous concerts that I’ve attended of theirs, and the whole band seemed to genuinely appreciate playing at Pitchfork.  As a side note, I saw a person in the crowd wearing a shirt that said ‘DRONE, NOT DRONES’, which is a reference to a previous Low show where they played one song for the entire show and said nothing except that phrase.  Needless to say, I congratulated him on a fantastic shirt.

Local Duluth rockers just recently wow'd everyone at the Walker Art Center's Rock the Garden this past month with the one song set "Drone not Drones" and its great to see them doing so much since their start in the 90s. Low has a movie playing in select theaters, check out the dates, Low: How to Quit Smoking. And their most recent album Invisible Way is steller, they also have 10 years worth of B-sides and rareities available on their website.


The four members of Savages walked on stage, exactly at the set start time, dressed in all black, and without saying a word charged right into an energetic performance. It was strange in all the right ways, powering right into their debuts album’s, Silence Yourself, opener, “Shut Up.” The rest of the set followed much the same way; minimal stage banter in favor of a constant onslaught of post-punk goodness. I am for sure going to see them again,  Savages definitely lived up to the hype. I would request, though, that the sun and outdoor setting be traded for an equally sweaty- but dark concert hall. The rawness of their sound and performace value from Jenny Beth is too much to miss out on.

Savages just played a sold-out show this past Sunday (July 21st) at the Triple Rock Social Club. Ending their set encourless and with "see you next time" I doubt the next show at First Ave's Mainroom will be anyless hyped. Savages' debut album Silence Yourself is a fantastic release and is exacly what many of us have been waiting a long time to hear. Many have wondered what it would have been like to see the rise of Joy Division and Siouxsie and the Banshees, well Savages is about as close as it comes while still retaining a great deal of originality.

Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts, one of Radio K's favorite bands to appear in 2013, brought their awesome brand of punk to the Blue Stage this afternoon. They played a fast-paced set that included older, less-known songs, tracks from their excellent debut Light Up Gold, and even a few new songs. Extended Sonic Youth-y noise jams were common, along with some good fast, moshing songs.

Little was said about Parquet Courts' debut effort, American Specialties. Released exclusively on cassette tape, the quasi-album was an odd collection of 4 track recordings that left those who were paying attention wanting more. A year of woodshedding live sets passed before the Courts committed another song to tape. The band's first proper LP, Light Up Gold, is a dynamic and diverse foray into the back alleys of the American DIY underground. Bright guitars swirl serpentine over looping, groovy post-punk bass lines and drums that border on robotic precision. While the initial rawness of the band's early output remains, the songwriting has gracefully evolved.

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