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Madeline Kenney
Perfect Shapes
Aug 17, 2017

Good Doom

Good Doom

Aug 17th 8:00 pm - 1:00 am
Triple Rock Social Club

Good Doom

1/2 Room Show

Good Doom


Thu 08/17

8:00 pm



This event is 18 and over


Good Doom
"While Monobody is an instrumental band, its music’s textured rhythms and interweaving passages are so enthralling it’s easy to forget the lack of words and voices. The five-piece seamlessly combines elements from across genres, like the equally precise and freewheeling jams of jazz and math rock, even taking some inspiration from prog-rock and emo. It’s a loose and perfectly executed blend that thrives on experimentation—the band’s songs can jump from a soft float to a hard crash.

This past April, Monobody released its debut self titled album via local label Naked Ally Records. At just six tracks, “Monobody” is a surprisingly dense listen. The songs sometime stretch out to around the seven- or eight- minute mark, taking sweet time to patiently flesh out every detail and idea. Though all six offerings are worthwhile, the clear highlights are the serene opener “Lifeguard of a Helpless Body” and the elongated alliteration jam “Curry Courier Career.” Both of these tracks prove to be the best examples of Monobody’s appeal—the band makes extraordinarily gorgeous and interesting instrumental music and plays it really, really well. It’s that simple." --Chicago Tribune
Technician is a Minneapolis based 4-piece rock outfit whose sound pays tribute to nineties post-hardcore greats like Quicksand and Jawbox. Co-guitarists/vocalists and longtime friends Jer Jessen and Conrad Mach, both veterans of the Twin Cities rock scene (Align, All the Way Rider, Self-Evident), initially got together weekly during the summer of 2013 to casually bounce song ideas off one another while drinking cheap beer and watching Twins games. By the end of the season, the pair had written a solid half-dozen songs together and decided to recruit some additional players to complete the band. Enter Max Becker on drums and, soon after, Kent Thomson on bass. Fast forward about 18 months to the present - Technician has made the rounds playing many key Twin Cities clubs, and they've made a couple of brief midwestern road trips as well. The band released their first full-length album titled "Crimson" in March 2016.
Not From Here
Not From Here
An instrumental progressive rock trio consisting of cello, guitar and drums