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4onthefloor takes SXSW: Part 1

Mar 16, 2017

We ventured down to SXSW as we have many times. Sometimes we call it South By West, which is incorrect, but sometimes rolls of the tongue a little more smoothly, a little more quickly.

We travel in a 15 passenger van, as many bands do, traversing the countryside, or just running down I-35 in a straight shot. We were planning on stopping somewhere in Oklahoma, but as many South by South West (or South by West, as we may say) plans, it got modified. We were running through Kansas City and looking at the weather and the day almost expiring and decided to call it a night. We looked for what we usually do as we are pulling into a town: go karts and arcades.

LUCKILY - they have a Dave & Buster’s. We played with RC cars in a bubble, football shoot outs, hot shots, and so much more. I ate a healthy Cabo Chicken, but almost went with something deep fried. It’s good to mix it up if you’re feeling a mix up. A good time was had by all.

Matty had high score on hot shot. This must be written down for the record.

Contemplated hitting the morning matinee of Logan, but decided to just HIT THE ROAD. (Phrase used for just getting into the vehicle and start driving vs. dilly-dallying or movie-seeing.)

The van is a small little home on wheels. We listen to podcasts (got caught up on the Bill Simmons podcast, the Nerdist, and Joe Rogan Experience on this run.) Lots of time to listen to pods and tunes on a 22 hour drive. Pinegrove and the Black Crowes were also high in rotation in between podcasts.

Pulled into Austin and had an efficient load-out. I checked in, while the band got all the luggage onto a luggage cart (used primarily for hall surfing, but sometimes hauling luggage) and we got into the room, made a certifiable organized disaster and HIT THE TOWN. (Phrase for leaving the premise immediately and going out into a city or municipality.)

Hitting the town is an art in itself during festivals. We had a lot of people already scoping out shows, bars, and restaurants, so some quick texts and we ended up heading towards 6th. Shakespeare’s has amazing Long Island pitchers and although the music was nothing to write home about, the upstairs bar had Predator on. THE ORIGINAL. Tabah came out to say hi! Some members of the Current team left Spoon to come and say hi. A good time was had by all.

Stay tuned for more exclusive SXSW 2017 coverage throughout this week!

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