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4onthefloor takes SXSW: Part 2

Mar 16, 2017

Part II

The hotel has a decent breakfast buffet, so that is part of the usual day routine. Tackling emails and looking at the day’s undertaking is next. Went over to the Pandora house to check out some bands. Lemon Twigs were rocking. Then went over to the convention center. I went past the nook where I used to charge my phone and use my laptop when WiFi wasn’t in every corner shop and bar.

We picked up our wristbands in the morning and the line was pretty quick, sometimes that can be a real let down. It used to be annoying to wait in lines at SXSW (it’s a common theme throughout anything), but with smart phones - it’s a lot easier to pass the time. Pro-Tip : EXTRA BATTERY. Your battery will be drained jumping off and onto towers with all the traffic in DT Austin. Be prepared. Remember when be prepared was a Boy Scouts thing? Or even a Scar from Lion King thing? Yeah, just be prepared. You don’t need to have any Boy Scout or Disney predispositions.

Rachael Yamagata had a panel on being your own CEO. She had folks from 30 Tigers and a few other establishments with her. As with most panels, not a whole lot of new information, but you’re always searching for those few morsels that you haven’t digested yet and hope to take something away. There were things to take away. Lots of scheduling strategies. A quote that stuck with me was “Have the heart of a teacher. Don’t work with people who don’t want you to learn.”
There’s some cool flow charts she used here:

Had a great meal at Austin Taco Project. Had some street corn, a steamed bun, and a taco. DELICIOUS. Not sure if steamed buns are local food or not, but it was LEGIT AF.

Went and saw our tour buds, the Yawpers, TEAR UP the Continental Club. We also ran into an old tour manager bud of ours, Smash, who is a giant of a man. It was his 40th birthday, so a crew of us left the Bloodshot Records party and went to sing karaoke. You know its a good night when you’ve got all your tour buds doing the different parts in “the Weight” by the Band. A good time was had by all.

How to know if a bar is new and not ready for SXSW : their bathrooms are not put together and someone will definitely use that toilet that isn’t hooked up to anything before the week is through. (My money is on before that night was through.)

Keep Austin weird, man.

Stay tuned for more exclusive SXSW 2017 coverage throughout this week!

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