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Fresh Jams #2

Aug 13, 2014

Back & fresher than ever! Check out what some Radio K volunteers and employees have been digging on lately!


"Nunca" is the second track on the California native Trails and Ways new EP Trilingual. Not many songs have put me at ease as much as this one. Something about theirmidnight/moonlight calming atmosphere always puts me in the perfect introspective mood to just decompress have a 10 or 11 hour day of work. The catchy lyrics and smooth rhythm are a collaborative effort of the entire band that creates an airy, almost ethereal harmony that feels like butter in my ears in a really sanitary and not weird sort of way. The lyrics are my favorite. Verging on nonsense, the whimsical indie trilling of the band flows between English and Spanish in "Nunca" like chocolate and vanilla ice cream. A favorite lyric of this song reads like hot fudge, delicate yet rich: "You can't write laws, and so you paint/ That tattoo on the city arms, on the city face." I'm gonna go get a snack.

Zach Simon

OWL JOHN - Hate Music

Oh, Scott Hutchison. Are you even capable of making music I don't like? I've been obsessed with the Scottish-born singer's music as a part of Frightened Rabbit since my junior high days, but when I found out that he'd be working on a side project during the short break FRabbit is currently taking, I couldn't have been more excited. The project's name is Owl John (something Scott's been using as a Twitter handle for years, actually), and the self-titled debut that resulted is nothing short of brilliant. There's a good likelihood you'll hear more rambling praise from me about it soon, but for the moment, I'll just say that "Hate Music" has an almost Black Rebel Motorcyle Club-esque sound to it that makes me want to kick open the saloon doors and have a showdown with the evil sherriff, six shooters in hand. Also, this album serves as the ultimate confirmation that Hutchison has both one of the most interesting voices out there, along with songwriting talent that seems to only improve over time, and I couldn't be happier.

Trevor Spriggs

MASTODON - Asleep in the Deep


I've been listening to "Asleep in the Deep" by Mastodon almost every time I plug in my phone. Most of this track, which is off their new album Once More 'Round the Sun, is typical spacey, melodic Mastodon. Which of course is a great thing; complex and yet eminently listenable. But what turns this from just another album track to one of my choice cuts is one of the single best choruses this year. It doesn't appear for the first time until nearly 2 minutes, but it's hugely effective. Over a slow, driving drumbeat, the band intricately layers vocal and guitar melodies into something that swirls, captivates, confuses, and yet still provides the deep catharsis and resolution that a chorus is supposed to provide.
Nathan Gerdes

FKA TWIGS - Pendulum


It's hard to think of another artist in recent memory with as much hype pre-debut album as FKA twigs has had. The English-born singer/songwriter/dancer is probably one of the most talked about artists on the indie blogosphere (ew that's a gross phrase) lately, but all it takes is one listen to understand the phenomenon. I'd heard the hype, but it wasn't until I sat down and listened to "Pendulum" that I finally grasped why everyone had been gushing about her for weeks. She's got a style that mixes her seriously heavenly vocals with unbelievably dope beats to result in a sound that's truly unique. Any time one tries to describe the sensuality of a song or artist, you just end up coming across as a creep or a prude, but seriously, this is some downright hypnotizing stuff here, in the best way. So what I'm saying is, buy the hype. You won't regret it. This newly minted FKA twigs fan certainly doesn't!

Mack Corn