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Snail Mail

Fresh Jams #3

Aug 20, 2014

So fresh. So clean.

LACE CURTAINS - "Wilshire And Fairfax"

I've been listening to this new Lace Curtains track, which is oddly about Biggie Smalls, at least twice a day for the past few days and I gotta say it's one of my favorite tracks that Coomers has ever written (which is saying a lot if you've heard Garden of Joy and The Well of Loneliness). Moody and introspective, but still managing to bring his signature brand of deadpan humor (see the line about high-top jellies) to utterly hopeless situations, this song, along with his new record (whenever that's coming out) are sure to make you see the good in a life filled with bad.

Sam Howard


One of my favorite tracks that Radio K's been spinning is Rivergazer's song "Lonely". Summer has brought on numerous late-night music discussions between myself and my fellow DJ roommates, with a popular subject being classic pop from the 60's and 70's and how it makes us feel a certain way that seems hard to come by in modern music. This young band, however, has made a record full of the warmth and reaffirmation that's so well executed by such older acts, namely Roy Orbison. The distant vocal chorus and marimba hook are a really soothing background over which lyrics about isolation, self-recognition, and (you guessed it) loneliness, can feel both personable and powerful.

Ross Koeberl

ADEBISI SHANK - "Sensation"

There is something inherently beautiful for me in robotic sounding rock and persistent 16th notes on a high hat. Add in themes that bring me straight back to the video game boss battles of my youth, and you have easily the best album that I have reviewed in my tenure as a Radio K volunteer. Adebisi Shank is the first artist I have ever heard capture what if feels like to play a truly great video game, and they do so through unbelievably bombastic guitar lines, whose intensity is only matched by the intricacy of the music itself. Listening to Adebisi Shank is an experience that leaves you torn between trying relive every great digital memory you've ever made, and taking on literally the entire world with a makeshift suit of armor and a collectors edition master sword and hylian shield.

Mikey Wambach


Y'know who's a super killer comedian? Hannibal Burress, man. You know who's a crazy good rapper? Open Mike Eagle, dude. Wouldn't it be great if they made a song about them giving advice that was named after a character from Netflix sensation House of Cards? And it had a video that included a fake talk show hosted by the two of them, amd footage of a tumblr user perusing various blogs? That'd be so cool, man. What? It's real? Does that mean the Transformers/Batman crossover movie I wrote as a ten-year-old is real too?

Trevor Spriggs