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Hello K People: The Search For Mustafa (Part 2)

Aug 07, 2014

A few weeks ago I had a Mustafa-Scare while working at the front desk. I checked all of Radio K’s twitter followers for anyone named Mustafa and I only came up with one result. This process, by the way, takes about 20 minutes of pressing the “Page Down” option on the keyboard while doing a keyword search (how tedious!). The result turned out to not be The One. However, I added him on Facebook anyway just in case and last week he wished me a happy birthday, so cheers to internet friends. July was otherwise a quiet month; I received no new postcards from the mystery man, but I would not be surprised to see one in the coming weeks.



Postcard reads: K People, Greetings from where many people from MN trace themselves back to. I can see so many common things. Love + Peace, Mustafa



Postcard reads: K Power K People K Greetings, from Paris. Love + Peace, Mustafa



Postcard reads: Hello Radio K, Greetings from London where the music is still alive. Love + Peace, Mustafa



Postcard reads: Hello K People, This time a site of next door. Love + Peace, Mustafa



Postcard reads: Hello K People, greetings from Amsterdam to the best college radio in the world. Love + Peace, Mustafa


Postcard reads: Hello Radio K, greetings from a city full of history and music. Love + Peace, Mustafa



Postcard reads: Hello K People, From Dubai I wish you a grand new year full of great new music. Love + Peace, Mustafa



Hello K people, Radio K fills its air with colors just like the traditional items from Qatar. Greetings from Doha. Love + Peace, Mustafa



Postcard reads: K People, Exciting times in the new free Egypt. Hold on to your

freedom, it took years here just to get on the right track. Love + Peace, Mustafa

Compiled by Eva Moe & Trevor Spriggs

If you have any information about Mustafa, call the front desk here at the station, or email!

Look for part 3 of the search for Mustafa, next week!