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Hello K People: The Search For Mustafa (Part 3)

Aug 14, 2014

As the days pass with no news and no new postcards, I think of Mustafa and where he might be now. He generally tends to stick to the same countries, which means there is some unknown reason for his patterns. But what could it be? I speculate that he has a job that either allows him or requires him to travel. It could be a company that has business in all of these countries. I plan to send him some postcards if I ever find a permanent address.

Send me your guesses as to who Mustafa might be at



Postcard reads: K People, a K here in Dubai will change the world. Peace, Mustafa



Postcard reads: K power, like these soliders from a different time, runs the world! Peace, Mustafa



Postcard reads: Hello K, Greetings from Morocco! Love + Peace, Mustafa



Postcard reads: Hello K people, Greetings from Rome, Peace, Mustafa


munchen_priority_back.jpgPostcard reads: Hello K People, Greetings from Munich, Love + Peace, Mustafa



Postcard reads: Hello K, You don't need any more funding if you move to this place. The cash is everywhere! Love + Peace, Mustafa



Postcard reads: Hello K People, Greetings to you from Dubai. I hope this card finds you, and all your listeners, happy and safe. Love + Peace, Mustafa


holland_long_back.jpgPostcard reads: K People... Always the music, always Radio K, keep us moving in the Twin Cities. Love + Peace, Mustafa

Compiled by Eva Moe & Trevor Spriggs

If you have any information about Mustafa, call the front desk here at the station, or email!

Look for Part 4 of the search for Mustafa, next week!