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Loud Sun takes SXSW: Last Day

Mar 19, 2017

So we are staying a little South of town, but we have this $15 three day bike share.  It's essentially saving our lives, because we can just park in East Austin and bike in.  Our plan is to bike/hang around 6th for about 3-4 hours then bike back to the car and load-in before downtown gets really crazy.

Took about 2-3 hours to get our car downtown and load it in.  Matt is going to drive the unloaded car out to East Austin and use the bike share to get back to Maggie Maes.

He isn't really late but this is for the effect of showing is passing.

We play and it went very well!

Upstairs/around the corner is Maggie Maes Gibson Room,  R Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner. They are pretty much great!

Upstairs from our showcase is a Japanese showcase.  This is a band called Otoboke Beaver,  so fierce.

This is Chris and Sabrina Watson of Friendship Fever. They will be putting out the Loud Sun record this August!
Behind them playing is Minihorse.

We get to our resting spot for the night. Ready for bed!

Stay tuned for more exclusive SXSW coverage throughout this week!

You can check out Loud Sun’s music right here.