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Hungry Cloud Darkening
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Good Enough

Culture Queue

Support for this program comes from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

hosted by Matt Curtis. Associate Producers: Katie Bolin, Parker Lemke. Music Reporter: Aaron Bolton. Cultural Advisor: Sarah Lemanczyk


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Deal of the Decade

Dec - 09 - 14
This week, we’re on the search for a deal. We’re glancing through store windows, we’re browsing websites and we’re riffling through newspapers for the satisfaction of savings. To know we are g ...

Take the Power Back

Dec - 02 - 14
This week, we’re taking the power back. The man, the system, whatever you want to call the all-powerful force in society that you glare towards when things don’t work out – we’re fighting it. ...

The Community Resources

Nov - 12 - 14
This week, we’re relying on the Twin Cities community. The eclectic, exciting and energetic society that we’re fortunate to surround ourselves with. We’re a diverse people who can change the ent ...

Falling into Place

Nov - 02 - 14
Fall is before us already and we’re more than ready for it at Culture Queue. We’re snuggling up and listening to music, prepping the Halloween decorations and candy, and finding time to skateboard ...

It's in Our Nature

Oct - 06 - 14
This week, we’re exploring the beauty of nature. The leaves are falling, the snow is on its way, and there’s so much to be admired. Now it would be great if Minnesota had more seasons that Winter ...

Speaking Out

Sep - 28 - 14
This week, we’re speaking out, through powerful poetry, against crimes in our city, for the plight of the needy. Parker Lemke listens to modern poetry in Minneapolis, and Matthew Curtis find the fac ...

This is Excellence

Sep - 21 - 14
This week, we’re covering excellence, what it takes to achieve it. Whether it’s joining others and working together, leaving competitors in the dust while you go it alone with your own style, or j ...

School's Getting Started

Sep - 12 - 14
After putting the first week of school behind us, we’re reflecting on what means to be a student. Someone who is swamped with work and still trying to find time for themselves, saving pennies wherev ...

Finding Their Way

Sep - 12 - 14
This week, we’re talking to people trying to find their place. Whether it be an independent artist in saturated music industry, a person struggling with his or her emotions, looking to art for heali ...

Media Through Time

Aug - 06 - 14
This week, we’re answering big questions, like is there a place for vintage technology in our increasingly digitized world? How can we make the modern fashion industry a more inclusive culture? How ...

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