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Culture Queue

Support for this program comes from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

hosted by Matt Curtis Associate Producers: Amy Friedman, Katie Bolin, Parker Lemke Music Reporter: Nathan Gerdes Cultural Advisor: Sarah Lemanczyk


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Finishing What We Started

Jul - 28 - 14
This week we’re all about conclusions. Aaron Bolton wraps up his historical account of Minneapolis Hip Hop, Katie Bolin pulls the breaks on her series of biking in the Twin Cities, and Parker Lemke ...

Remember the Old Times

Jul - 14 - 14
This week we’re reminiscing on what makes life in Minnesota – Minnesotan. We’re thinking about the toys we played with in elementary school, we’re listening to the music we grew up with in hig ...

City Life Concerns

Jul - 08 - 14
This week we’re exploring the issues that concern us during our day to day lives in the Twin Cities. Katie Bolin takes a ride around Minneapolis to find out what makes for a so-called biker city, Pa ...

Summer Stories

Jun - 23 - 14
Amy Friedman discovers the true meaning of identity, Parker Lemke does something, and Aaron Bolton starts his series of the convoluted history of Minneapolis hip-hop.

Learning on the Job

Jun - 15 - 14
Nathan Gerdes sings his heart out for the last time and talks with metal vocalists, Parker Lemke travels the world of comics and looks into their presence in Minneapolis, and new music reporter Aaron ...

Queueless: The Clueless Radio Play (Part 2)

Jun - 09 - 14
This week, we conclude the first (as far as we know) radio reenactment of the sensational 1995 cult classic, Clueless, as performed by a few theatrical members of Radio K!

Queueless: The Clueless Radio Play (Part 1)

Jun - 03 - 14
We here at Radio K are proud to present The Clueless Radio Play, the first (as far as we know) radio reenactment of the sensational 1995 cult classic, starring the Queen of Beverly Hills, Cher Horowit ...

The Bro Show

May - 18 - 14
Tonight we are focusing on a group of individuals that often get a bad rep – bros. We are giving them the respect they deserve, paying tribute to the things they love with three exciting stories fro ...

Don't Burn Out

May - 13 - 14
During finals week we can feel ourselves wearing down. Maybe you haven’t had a decent meal in a while, or you’ve been stuck inside for weeks, cramming in the sub-basement of a library, and life ma ...

Not As Simple As It Sounds

Apr - 27 - 14
This week, we discover the true richness behind things that may seem simple. Nathan Gerdes listens to duos and explores the complexities of obtaining a full-sound, Amy Friedman talks to Student Entre ...

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