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Culture Queue

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Support for this program comes from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

hosted by Matt Curtis. Associate Producers: Katie Bolin, Parker Lemke. Music Reporter: Aaron Bolton. Cultural Advisor: Sarah Lemanczyk


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The Comic Show

May - 14 - 15
This week, instead of studying for all those classes we’re in, we’re taking a break, putting our feet up and reading some comics. The colorful, eventful, suspenseful print media that has reflected ...

The Final Frontier

Apr - 26 - 15
This week, we’re conquering the final frontier. We’re pointing our microphones towards the heavens tonight in our special space edition of Culture Queue. We will learn the mysteries of the skies a ...

A Night at First Avenue

Apr - 16 - 15
This week, we’re paying tribute to a Minnesotan institution. The venue that is synonymous with Minneapolis nightlife, and a place that helped distinguish the city’s thriving music scene. I’m of ...

The Imitation Game

Apr - 10 - 15
This week, we’re playing the imitation game. We explore what it is to be someone you’re not, whether it be in the limelight of Hollywood, in the realm of internet aliases, and in the dubious reali ...

Cultural Fusion with Helado Negro

Mar - 18 - 15
This week we had the special opportunity to speak with Helado Negro, a multicultural artist coming to the Ordway Theatre looking to expose the Twin Cities to his fusion of cultures and sounds. We expl ...

From the Ground Up

Mar - 01 - 15
This week, we’re finding entertainment at the grassroots. In the age of the internet, audiences for our work have never been more available. Whether you’re make YouTube videos with your old high s ...

In Fitness and In Health

Feb - 25 - 15
This week, we’re exploring the ins and outs of fitness. When something bad happens a cliché that is often uttered goes something along the lines of “at least we have our health,” illustrating t ...

Time for Technology

Feb - 13 - 15
This week we’re talking technology. We’ve come a long way from Pong, dial up and computers that filled entire rooms, we live in an age where we’re hooked up whenever we see fit, and things are o ...

Parker Lemke Retrospective

Jan - 30 - 15
This week, we are paying tribute to Culture Queue Associate Producer Parker Lemke who is going on to bigger and better things. Parker joined us in December 2013, which feels like a lifetime ago at Rad ...

Die Hard: The Radio Play (Part 2)

Jan - 16 - 15
This week, we're concluding the exciting, inventive, all-new Die Hard Radio Play, as presented by the folks at Radio K and Culture Queue. Strap in for the audio ride of your life.

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