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Remember the Old Times

Jul 14, 2014

This week we’re reminiscing on what makes life in Minnesota – Minnesotan. We’re thinking about the toys we played with in elementary school, we’re listening to the music we grew up with in high school, and finally, we’re living the life of business and profession that we’re still trying to get a hold of. Amy Friedman plays with the toys of generations past, Aaron Bolton tunes in to 90s hip hop and Katie Bolin see how businesses take advantage of one of the most bike friendly cities in America.

Remember the Old Times


Remember the Old Times


old_times.pngAmy Friedman

Growing up can mean leaving behind our favorite stuffed animals, dolls, and action figures. We can put them in a box and hide them away in the attic, but can we ever really outgrow our toys? Producer Amy Friedman takes a walk through a real life toy story to find that what we play with when we're little defines who we are today.

Amy Friedman - Toys

Aaron Bolton

Continuing from last week, usic Reporter Aaron Bolton is presenting his second instalment of uncovering the convoluted history of Twin Cities Hip Hop. In case you missed the first, you can find it here. This week, Aaron will be examining the scene in the 90’s. Starting at the roots of the scene that built what you see and hear today.

Aaron Bolton - 90s Hip Hop

Katie Bolton

Biking is not just for commuting to work or spending an afternoon on a trail; it is a central part of business for some local spots around Minneapolis. Producer Katie Bolin spoke with two different local businesses that make a living with bicycles. This is part two of a three part series on bike culture in Minneapolis. 

Katie Bolin - Businesses on Bikes