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Best of 2017??

Dec 28, 2017


2017 has brought us an incredible amount of new music that has our fuzzy k-shaped hearts beating with joy. It truly was an excellent year for new music, and it may be tough to nail down that one special album that was your absolute favorite of this year. We reached out to various local musicians to get their take. 

“I think it's "W/ Love" by Infinite Bisous, which was shown to me by some musicians who stayed at my house this summer. I think maybe they pulled it up because we look a little bit alike. Very nice sound. Most of the music I discovered in 2017 was from the 70's though, still catching up.” – Tony Schurbon: Good Doom

“One of my favorites is Embrace You Millions by American Cream, a really special album to come out this year from almost nowhere, staircases of melody and fuzzy cassette drones, you can imagine it could have been made in the 70s for some ahead of its time scifi art film, but it also feels contained and bedroom like.” – Lynn Avery: Xylophone Jetty & Iceblink

“HAZEL by Subtle Beast was the most hauntingly beautiful release of 2017. This album provokes an emotional response that is overwhelming and completely devastating. Sometimes I need a punch to the gut just to remember I’m alive and listening to HAZEL is like getting hit by a dump truck.” – Manny Castro: Trash Catties & Swimsuit Area

“My favorite local release was definitely the new Miami dolphins, "Water Your Waiting For", because it's so catchy and groovy but also surprising! And my favorite national release was CTRL by SZA- because she really knows how to communicate so many real feelings with her lyrics and with the beautiful inflections of her voice.” – Stephanie Jo Murk: Sass, Tony Peachka, & Scrunchies 

“I absolutely adored Children of Alice's debut self-titled record that came out this year. Children of Alice is James Cargill and Roj Stevens of Broadcast with long time collaborator Julian House (The Focus Group). Their work together sounds like a terrifying and beautiful blend of 60's/70's tv jingles and library music that you might hear if you spun through your radio dial in another dimension. It's quite terrifying and unsettling at times but the scary instances dissolve into these beautiful, introspective moments that always pull me in close and keep me listening. I do not advise listening to it in public (without headphones) or at a party or with anyone you've just met; they may think you've lost your mind for listening to such racket. Favorite track: The Harbinger of Spring” –Jaak Jensen: Xylophone Jetty & Iceblink

“I enjoy how Idles is deceptively simple. Their singer has a way of breaking down sophisticated concepts into clear, strong images. He has a way of using simplicity as a tool for helping the listener consider things more deeply. And the music has a tangible vitality. They get under your skin, crawl up into your head and burrow in permanently. I just really like Liars in general. They are one of my all time faves. Every new Liars album is a surprise. I find this one to be strangely tender, like a long walk with an old friend.” -Rebecca Nordling: Karate Break & Swimsuit Area

“My favorite album of the year was “The Life and Times” (self-titled) by The Life and Times. If you’re not familiar with Allen Epley (singer/guitarist)’s amazing catalog, including the work of his previous band, Shiner, you owe it to yourself to dive into it. The Life and Times feels like a band that not a ton of people (at least that I know) know well, but, those that do are typically pretty obsessed with them. The newest album is a natural evolution of the sound Life and Times established on their previous albums. Big, spacey rock songs with dark, complex melodies, this being the darkest one yet. And, like on their previous albums, the songwriting and delivery come across as very honest and serious sounding, yet maintain a mysterious, ghostly, alien quality that makes you wonder why it’s so relatable. My favorite local release was The Miami Dolphins’s “Water Your Waiting For”. that band was always great, but the songs on this album are the weirdest, yet catchiest they’ve cranked out yet, in my opinion. I love it when bands grow into that sweet spot! The lyrics are sharp, dark, and funny. The vocal melodies are beautifully bizarre, and full of hooks. The music has a controlled chaos, like a group of frustrated jazz musicians on adderall were hired to mash together a bunch of commercial jingles into poppy rock and roll songs. It’s just brilliant.” – Matthew Leonard Graves: YANA & Catbath 

"Fave release is by Finesse "Unbroken Memory". Patrick Donohue and Jeff Cornell are New Wave, Post-punk geniuses. I was first introduced to their writing with their CLAPS 2012 release Glory, Glory. I was doing my own research at that time on with producer I wanted to work with, which was also the time I started learning how to make electronic music. I was recommended by a friend that I hands down best electronic producer to work with is Ryan Olcott. I started researching his discography of production. I was already a big fan of his circuit bending project Mystery Palace, and I came across CLAPS, Glory Glory release and was immediately hooked on their style of writing. Finesse is every thing I want to hear from a synth-pop New Wave band. They nail the sound, Patrick nails the performance and Jeff is a master multi-instrumentalists and truly gets the sonic aesthetic for post-punk." -Nikki Pfeifer: Devata Daun & Tekk Nikk

"CORPUS I - Show Me The Body was my favorite release of 2017. Speaking personally, I believe that collaberation/community building has always been one of the most important & fundamental building blocks for music as an art-form. With a different artist featured on each of CORPUS I's 17 tracks, from MCs like Princess Nokia & Denzel Curry, to Noise powerhouses DREAMCRUSHER & Moor Mother, it's clear that SMTB set out to release a heavily collaborative mixtape which crosses genres with fluidity and boldness. They absolutely pulled it off, and I love every second of it." -Sam Frederick: New Primals & Burn Fetish

Our Annual Top 77 Countdown is happening on Friday, December 29th from 9AM-3PM.  Snuggle up with your Radio, and join us in reminiscing about all the lovely tunes that 2017 brought us.