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Cut Copy @ First Ave

Jun 26, 2014

As my friend and I were hanging out around First Avenue, we talked about how Cut Copy was one of those bands that people first discover when they start to get into indie music. That’s not a bad thing because their music serves as a great gateway to expand one’s tastes and provides an incredible atmosphere for fun times. Cut Copy, along with Nile Delta and Classixx, created this sense of fun last night.



Nile Delta started the night with a DJ set. His set consisted of nu-disco tracks alongside some modern house tracks. With those tracks, Nile Delta definitely set the mood for a night of dancing and fun. Special props to him for playing an incredible DJ Sprinkles remix, one of the best dance tracks from last year.



After Nile Delta came Classixx, the L.A.-based electronic duo of Tyler Blake and Michael David. You could definitely tell that they’re from California, for their shimmery and upbeat tracks evoke the feeling of a day spent on the beach with friends. Their music was perfect in getting the crowd to scream and shout on a summer day.

Accompanying the duo was what looked like a giant, CRT-tube television. (It was actually a flat screen TV that was made to look vintage, or say, classic.) As they played, visuals ranging from Tron-like grids to digital forests, all emblazoned with the Classixx logo, appeared. The visuals gave the impression that the audience was traveling through another dimension. I was surprised when guest vocalists Claire Evans, Nancy Whang, and Sarah Chernoff appeared on the TV to “sing” on their respective tracks. It made me feel like they were part of the party inside First Avenue.

But what was most impressive about Classixx was how well they knew their stuff. Both members of the duo have been friends since childhood and collectively have a lot of experience in the music world. It shows: the duo went through their set with confidence, passion, and a sensibility for the dance floor that only experience and chemistry could give.



After Classixx and another great DJ set from Nile Delta came the main act. Cut Copy took to the stage with a spectacular intro, where a commanding voice announced that the night has just begun, and with “We Are Explorers”. The crowd ate it up, especially when the song’s incredible drum breakdown came.

For a good amount of their set, a screen behind the band stressed the audience to “free your mind”, and that’s just what they did. Lead vocalist Dan Whitford acted as a sort of leader in this journey, with his lyrics about love as unity and his sweeping, pastoral gestures. The other band members also had their moments throughout the night, with guitarist Tim Hoey belting out a passionate, psychedelic solo in “Let Me Show You Love”, and with drummer Mitchell Scott and bass guitarist Ben Browning providing the low end that kept the crowding moving.

Cut Copy’s set ranged from rave-tinged bangers from Free Your Mind to universal favorites like “Hearts on Fire”, “So Haunted”, and “Where I’m Going”. The band ended their set with “Lights and Music” and set the crowd into a frenzy. For the encore, the band played “Visions/Nobody Lost Nobody Found” and “Need You Now”, two tracks that built up to euphoric highs to end the night.

That night, First Avenue was a paradise of pop. Thanks to Nile Delta, Classixx, and Cut Copy, the audience was able to dance the night away and free their minds.

Written By & Show Photos by Jio Nocon