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Denzel Curry & Show Me The Body

Oct 08, 2017


Going into this show, I was immensely excited. Early this spring I had the chance to catch Denzel Curry at the Fifth Element stage during Soundset 2017 and it was above and beyond one of the most intense crowd experiences I’ve ever had. So when I saw Denzel would be joining New York based hardcore band Show Me The Body I knew I’d be in for something special, and every single expectation I had was met and surpassed.

The bill for the night was an especially eclectic one. Next to Denzel Curry and Show Me The Body, names such as DJ TIIIIIIIIIIIP, LOVERSLANE, and local band Early Eyes all appeared. The night began on time with a short DJ set from LOVERSLANE to a growing crowd of eager concert goers. Early Eyes emerged soon after and kicked the night off with the most energetic sets I have ever seen from the up and coming young band, successfully energizing the rest of the crowd for a night live music. Next, the show took a step into a much different direction with a short film premier from the film company and skate brand Illegal Civilization. Unfortunately, the logistics of this film transition were poorly executed. Representatives of the company attempted to direct the massive crowd into a completely different room to watch a small screen that was hopeless to see from my vantage point. Once the film ended, TIIIIIIIIIIIP took the stage looking like controversy-era Prince and got the crowd going with his powerfully hyped forty minute DJ set. This is where the night began to pick up.

Show Me The Body came out next and absolutely killed it. Front man Julian Cashwan Pratt was an absolute animal on the stage as he brutally torn through his songs while pushing the crowd into a frenzy of mosh pits and aggressive head banging. The whole set was distorted banjo, animalistic drums, and Julian’s visceral vocals and all of it blew me away. The image of Julian thrashing around the stage while giving darting glares at the audience like a mad-dog will be imprinted in my mind for some time to come. It was raw, it was powerful and it was everything I had come to expect from the hardcore outfit.

The moment everyone was waiting for was fast approaching. The sweaty and battered crowd was ready for Denzel Curry. Clad in a balaclava Denzel burst on stage paying homage to fellow Florida rapper Lil’ Pump. Immediately, Denzel brought the energy to a ten and kept it there the entire night, only bringing things down for a moment to run “This Life”, a brief reprieve to the intensity. He pulled material from projects old, new, and unreleased. Songs like “This Life” and “ULT” form his Imperial release and newer songs from 13 like “Bloodshed”, “Hate Government”, “Equalizer”, and “Heartless”. In addition, he played two unreleased songs. Just as he had done in the spring at Soundset, Denzel got his audience to be physically engaged, at one point splitting the crowd in two just two collide the halves together again in an aggressive clash. The night was coming to an end but a Denzel Curry show is never over until you hear “Ultimate”, arguably the intense part of the night.

I sat on the curb outside the Cabooze in the refreshingly cool air after the show entirely satisfied with the night, and lucky to have gotten out of it with only a tweaked shoulder, some bruises and a little bit of exhaustion.

Marty Stock