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Lala Lala
The Lamb

Downtown Boys

Sep 18, 2017


Politics and Punk music are like peanut butter and jelly. Many great Punk groups like The Clash and Dead Kennedys have used their music and intense live performances to expose inequalities in the world and to do their part to change the political landscape. Downtown Boys are yet another excellent example of how music can be used as a catalyst for political change.

Throughout their Friday evening show at Triple Rock, Downtown Boys prefaced their songs with brief explanations of what exactly the songs were about. Downtown Boys’ lead vocalist, Victoria Ruiz, connected with members of the audience through these explanations. She connected with the marginalized groups that are mentioned in her lyrics. The Downtown Boys have plenty of subject matter, which is shown in their 2017 project Cost of Living. In a time of such political strife, it’s refreshing to see a performer who isn’t afraid to say exactly what they mean. 


The energy throughout the room was palpable. Songs like “Somos Chulas” were met with visceral reactions in the crowd. Mosh pits were opened, drinks were spilled, and keys were dropped.

Downtown Boys’ opening acts were also noteworthy. Xoxo Tech’s eclectic and semi-improvised tone was a nice opener and helped to set a relaxed mood as attendees filled the venue. Butter Boys, the second opening act, was noteworthy for other reasons. Specifically, their drummer, David Garcia, gave an incredible performance.

In times like these, protest music is more necessary than ever. Downtown Boys will continue to spread their gospel and show support for marginalized groups and social justice. If their live shows are any indicator, I’m sure they’ll have no problem doing it.


Julian Green