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Jay Som and The Courtneys w/ Wetter

Mar 23, 2017


Wow, is what I gotta say for this show. The Courtneys and Jay Som totally knocked it out of the park. I unfortunately missed out on the local opener band Wetter, but have no doubt that they killed it as usual. I’ve played them on-air many times as well as seen them live before, and they definitely have the right kind of style and energy to be paired up with the two touring bands.

The Courtneys

I’ve been a fan of The Courtneys since this past fall, discovering their stuff on Spotify and quickly putting their first self-titled album on repeat for multiple hours at a time. I can’t really put my finger on why I care about this band so much. The amount of energy and spirit they have in their music is very refreshing, and the simple but memorable lyrics seem to hit me to my core. They started their set off with Silver Velvet, a single from their newest second album “II”, released back in February. Due to the very recent release of their second album, they of course focused newer tracks including “Tour”, “Minnesota”, “Lost Boys”, and “Frankie”. However, they did throwback to their first album with the tracks “Manion” and “Nu Sundae”. I wanted to just break out dancing to every song, but held back because of that good ‘ole social anxiety (which is funny because they have a song called Social Anxiety, but didn’t play it. Darn). Compared to their recorded stuff, their pacing while live is a bit slower. But that’s understandable when the lead vocalist is also the drummer. I don’t know how you do it, Jen Twynn Payne.

Jay Som

Jay Som slowed down the mood, but still delivered with a lot of passion and energy despite the change in pace. Each song sounded like a perfect movie-credits song, which felt appropriate when it came down to ending the night. In contrast to The Courtneys, Jay Som made me feel more cathartic with each tune, like something big was being revealed to me. The Courtneys made me want to jump around and dance and bang my head while Jay Som made me sway a lot and nearly have an existential crisis (but in a good way). They too had just released an album, “Everybody Works”, earlier in March, so they mainly played songs from this new record. Songs included “The Bus Song”, “Everybody Works”, “Baybee”, “Slow”, and ending the night with “Lipstick Stains”. I couldn’t get enough of the chemistry between the members, especially between lead vocalist Melina and guitarist Oliver, who at one point had a sort of guitar-off during one of their tunes. I hadn’t listened to Jay Som very much before this night, but I will definitely be taking at trip through their discography soon.

Helen Teague