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Oct 10, 2017

Strawberry Girls

The members of the California trio walked out without any fuss and immediately started shredding. The melodic guitar combined with a perfectly in-sync rhythm section made this opener an act to remember. Even though the room was not yet full, the band put on a performance like they were playing to a sold-out show. Their energy was contagious and the whole crowd was nodding their heads.
Pianos Become the Teeth

When Pianos came out and started playing their song April, everyone in the front rows were immediately excited. The band, hailing from Baltimore, played mostly songs off of their album Keep You and a couple of new songs. The new songs sounded very fine tuned and the band played everything very tightly. Hopefully this signals a new release from them soon.

Fine Line crew meticulously taped bouquets of flowers to all 5 mic stands, a gimmick that the band is known for. The band came out shortly after to a thunderous applause. The tour they're doing now is the [A-->B] Life album's 15 year anniversary so they played that album in full. Despite it being 15 years old, the band's performance was very tight. Avid fans sang every word on the album. It was very cool to see people that were fans of this band for so long. Flowers from the mic stands were periodically thrown out to the delight of the crowd. After they played [A-->B] Life in full, the lead singer played a couple of acoustic songs off of newer albums and the full band came back out to finish wit songs off of Catch Us for the Foxes and Pale Horses. The bands enthusiasm and energy never wavered during the long set. It was truly a show to remember.
Vee Crichton-Hill