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Madeline Kenney
Perfect Shapes

Sass, Makr is Sier, Good Luck Finding Iris, and Lunch Duchess!

Mar 20, 2017

A conglomeration of four rad local bands united at 7th Street Entry to showcase different aspects of the local scene.



Sass started off the night with a super fun and affirmingly angry set.  A broken high E-string on the lead guitar in the middle of the set opened up an opportunity for lead singer Stephanie Jo Murck (who is also in Tony Peachka) to show us a moving solo about a deeply disappointing parent.  

Makr is Sier

Makr is Sier started up some long pulsating CAT-scan-esque noises on a loop and the lights on stage turned off.  He went to nab a beer before returning to local emcee and comedian, Grace Thomas, giving a vocal introduction to an otherwise pointedly non-vocal presentation, noting that these sounds were “the type of sounds that’ll make you question if God exists”.  The bass radiated my entire body cavity like low-flying hovercraft, and I can just about guarantee that it was audible over whatever was going on in the First Ave Mainroom.  The electric pulses rolled into a beat and Makr is Sier tipped his beer over onto the floor turning filter knobs, and producing his awesome sound on stage.  As the only artist of the bunch tonight that I didn’t know of before hearing about this show, turned out to bring a very cool experience

Good Luck Finding Iris

If Makr is Sier’s sound reproduced what it felt like to be airlifted on a beam into the mothership, Good Luck Finding Iris facilitated our drift into the night sky, with sick tempo changes to boot.  We in the audience were all easily able to just fall in and groove with them.  This was my roommate’s favorite of the four bands.  The singer was great and the drummer gave a bunch of people in the front row hugs after their set ended.

Lunch Duchess

Lunch Duchess consists of a bunch of cuties.  They played songs off their old EP, “Intent” off of the Nervous Breakthroughs Split EP, and played a couple of new songs (including a sad one!)  Katharine drummed and sang, and between songs turned over the audience small talk duties to Nicky on the keyboard, who has a dual life in the local music scene as City Counselor.  Lunch Duchess achieves a great balance, with the perfect amount of synthy keyboard, and occasional high-pitched screams blended in with a soft punk feel.  The group closed out the night by urging us all to caucus on April 4th.