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Madeline Kenney
Perfect Shapes

Syd (from the Internet)

Nov 08, 2017


Syd, from The Internet, has been an elusive figure in the hip hop scene for the better half of a decade. Originally a periphery member of Odd Future in its genesis, Syd hopped on a track for an occasional verse and DJ’d for the group during live performances. That was the 2011 GolfWang tour where she introduced me to a certain SpaceGhostPurrp song at First Avenue, along with a medley of southern trap music that primed the audience for the high-energy punk aesthetic of the group.

Six years later, Syd has released three R&B/trip hop albums with the Internet before her debut solo release Fin. She followed up the release with a three-song EP “Always Never Home,” the title of her tour which started in October and has reached its halfway point at the Cabooze in Minneapolis on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Syd opened her set with “Bad Dream/No Looking Back,” a mellow serenade that slowly grew on the audience with her Syd told the FADER that Fin (formerly titled Dive) “is not that deep, but I feel like this is my descent into the depth I want the band to get to.” The audience, nine months submerged in the cool, sensual, confident project, was lively for its hits like “All About Me,” “Nothin to Somethin” and “Shake Em’ Off.” Many audience members sang “Body,” with Syd word-for-word.

She ventured into her previous with the Internet including “Girl” off the group’s 2015 release, Ego Death.  She also performed her single with Kaytranada “You’re the One,” and led the audience in a sing-along of Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey’s “I Know What You Want.”

A once subsidiary character to the eccentric Odd Future, Syd’s now carved her own name into the hip hop soundscape as one of the industry’s smoothest R&B and trip hop artists and the audience’s cheers didn’t cease after the final song, leaving no chance for Syd to exit the stage before the music kicked back on for the final track of Fin, “Insecurities.”

The most vulnerable song on the album, Syd preluded the song, thanking fans and shedding light on her own insecurities as an artist separate from her onstage bravado, saying, “ I may come off confident in my music, but in real life I’m really insecure, as most of us are-- I think.”

“So I’m just happy I made it this far as an artist and I’m happy you guys believe in me enough to pull up. I love you guys, I’m trying to love myself more. Trying not to let my insecurities hold me back anymore,” she added.

Trevor Squire