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The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs

Trampled by Turtles @ The Cedar

Jul 11, 2014



When Dave Simonett (Trampled by Turtles' lead vocalist) walked out for an encore after performing the entirety of Wild Animals, the latest album from Trampled by Turtles due out July 15, he was greeted with a chorus of boos upon announcing that the band only had time for one more song.  “Oh, I’m sorry,” he shot back at the crowd, “would you like your money back?”

He was right, of course, the show was free to the first 350 people who pre-ordered the album at one of two local record stores. That’s right, Trampled by Turtles, a band who could easily sell out two nights at the Main Room put on a show for just 350 of us at the Cedar on a Thursday night. It was a short show, only about 50 minutes long, consisting of every track on Wild Animals, including the live debut of some of the deeper cuts, and a killer cover of Loudon Wainwright III’s Swimming Song.

For those who haven’t yet listened to the entirety of the new album, like many of the people in attendance (one of whom I heard describing his expectation for the show as “the two singles and a bunch of songs I haven’t heard”), Wild Animals is a slower than many of the banjo heavy barnburners fans of the Duluth band have come to love, but that doesn’t make it any worse. Their new sound is more mature and contemplative, it toys with more substantial lyrics and experiments with more full band harmonies. I didn’t love it at first listen to be 100% honest, but after hearing it live, it more than earned my fandom.


Random Musings From the Show:

1. How can someone’s fingers move that fast and be precise (in regards to Ryan Young’s fiddle)

  • Sub-Musing: Okay wow, he killed it on the fiddle… damn.

2. If anything this concert is a triumph for normal dudes. Most popular bands present themselves in a way where you know for sure like “those guys are the band,” these guys just looked totally normal. They hustled music snobs everywhere as soon as they picked up their instruments.

  • Sub-Musing: I loved that, these guys play music under no pretense and it was awesome.

3. Encores are stupid. You don’t need the confidence boost from a bunch of people clamoring for you after you’ve left the stage, everyone decided to spend their night and time with you, that should be all the validation you need. Don’t waste everyone’s time when you know you’ll be back, just stay on stage, we’ll still clap for you. 

4. Overall, this was a night that won't soon be forgotten by anyone lucky enough to attend.

Photos & Written by Abe Solberg