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Lala Lala
The Lamb

Washed Out & Dega

Aug 25, 2017

The night began with the duo Dega hailing from Athens, Georgia. They played a groovy set paired with dual projectors and lots of colors that left only the band members profiles illuminated. Although not everyone may not have been familiar with their music, people still got down with the deep synth grooves, catchy drum beats, and ambient vocals. The band was quite excited and grateful to be at First Avenue and said that it was the best place they’ve played. It's always nice to hear it confirmed that the Twin Cities have the best venues. 


Not long after, Ernest Greene accompanied by two other hired musicians who were not in listed as band members, began their set of lo-fi dreamy chillwave. Greene is known as one of the pioneers of chillwave and this became apparent as his visual slideshow began featuring a crown with chillwave written on it. The visuals also included claymation, collage, drugs, psychedelics, interesting patterns, etc. Pretty much what you would expect from Greene if you are familiar with his work. One notable piece imagery in my mind was what appeared to be a kaleidoscope-esque circle of pill bottles, xanax bars, and pills with the word “zonkerz” written on them. Most of the imagery spiraled in and out, constantly changing, and sometimes appearing as it was washed down the drain. Much like the visuals the music did not demand in depth concentration or analytical thought because it's not really saying much more to me than “let's chill.” However, this does not mean that music fanatics would be unable to analyze Greene's art. As a pioneer of chillwave, which has since become quite popular, it is a definite privilege to see Greene perform. There is substance in his music, but it lacks diversity. I'd love to see development between his older records and his live performance. 


Great music for people who want to dance but also did not alienate those who came to stand and drink. All in all it was a fun night to be had, laid back music for laid back people.  


Parker Mott
Sylvia Jennings