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Eternal Death

Basement Vinyls

Radio K’s Grandpa Joe has been collecting records for over 40 years, starting with his first 45 RPM record, “One Bad Apple” by the Osmonds, in 1971. He used to play it constantly on the family “hi-fi” system that doubled as a piece of furniture in their living room.

Through the years, his love for the vinyl record has never diminished, from playing records on the stereo system he bought while in high school, to when he first arrived at the U of M in 1977. Soon thereafter, at WMMR in Coffman Union, he enjoyed playing albums from a much wider variety of artists for the campus dorm audience. Later, as a club DJ in the ‘80s, he grew to love the dance, electronic, and alternative genres, and amassed many discs of these styles, eventually taking up four bookshelves in his basement.

After 25 years away from University of Minnesota airwaves, he returned to school to finish his degree and became a Radio K DJ and volunteer. Soon after, in May, 2012, he started the popular all-vinyl specialty show Basement Vinyls, which aired on Radio K until he graduated in 2013.

Now, after taking a year off post-graduation, Basement Vinyls is back on Radio K, featuring a wide variety of records that he enjoys sharing with the Radio K audience. He explains:

“Basement Vinyls is a retrospective of rock, pop, alternative, and many other musical genres—all on glorious vinyl. I believe that, despite the new ways to access music, vinyl should live on! There is something special about the tonal quality of the vinyl record that cannot be matched by today’s music platforms, not to mention the music that was recorded on it! I can think of no better way to share that with the wonderful Radio K audience than by hosting a show that is 100% vinyl, and allowing listeners to have input into the show.”

If you love records like Grandpa Joe does, join him for Basement Vinyls Thursday evenings at 8 PM (Central) on Radio K….Real Vinyl Radio.

Because vinyl should live on.

hosted by Grandpa Joe

Mar - 16 - 15
Grandpa Joe is giving away RECORD STORE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE passes starting THIS THURSDAY on BV!

Mar - 09 - 15
It’s all about the Benjamins on this special K-Starter BV show!

Mar - 01 - 15
Grandpa Joe plays one of “those” songs that makes you say, “WOW! I remember that”!