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Basement Vinyls

Radio K's Basement Vinyls is hosted by Nathan and Emily. Through the years, their love for the vinyl record has never diminished.

“Basement Vinyls is a retrospective of rock, pop, alternative, and many other musical genres—all on glorious vinyl. We believe that, despite the new ways to access music, vinyl should live on! There is something special about the tonal quality of the vinyl record that cannot be matched by today’s music platforms, not to mention the music that was recorded on it! We can think of no better way to share that with the wonderful Radio K audience than by hosting a show that is 100% vinyl, and allowing listeners to have input into the show.”

If you love records like Nathan and Ellie do, join them for Basement Vinyls Wednesday evenings at 9 PM (Central) on Radio K….Real Vinyl Radio.

Because vinyl should live on.

hosted by Nathan and Emily

Aug - 30 - 15
Grandpa Joe makes a difficult decision to leave his “baby”.

Aug - 23 - 15
Grandpa Joe spins a local band named after an “entertainment”center on the old notorious downtown block.

Aug - 21 - 15
A fifth grade music listening opportunity goes horribly wrong, and Grandpa Joe remembers...

Aug - 09 - 15
What did the Gong Show and BV have in common last week?