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Clashed Attitudes - 12/01/13

Dec 01, 2013


J's Pick of the Week: Babes in Toyland's Dystopia


MOGWAI "Punk Rock/ Puff Daddy/ Antichrist" from "Come On Die Young" 
BAD BRAINS "ATTITUDE" from "ROIR Cassette Tape" 
ADOLESCENTS "Kids of the Black Hole" from "Adolescents" 
Jawbreaker "BIG" from "Bivouac (Remastered)" 
Butthole Surfers "Who Was In My Room Last Night?" from "Independent Worm Saloon" 
At the Drive-In "One Armed Scissor" from "Relationship Of Command" 
The Breeders "Divine Hammer" from "Last Splash" 
Babes In Toyland "He's My Thing" from "Dystopia" 
Harvey Milk "Barn Burner" from "Life...The Best Game In Town" 
The Locust "Spitting in the Faces of Fools as a Source of Nutrition" from "Molecular Genetics from the Gold Standard Labs" 
Spazz "Swampfoot" from "La Revancha" 
The Nation Of Ulysses "50,000 watts of good will" from "plays pretty for baby" 
Black Flag // Fundamental "RISE ABOVE" from "DAMAGED" 
Descendents "Sick-O-Me" from "Everything Sucks" 
Hüsker Dü // Fundamental "PINK TURNS to BLUE" from "Zen Arcade" 
Kind Of Like Spitting "Dodge Dart" from "Nothing Makes Sense Without It" 
Mineral "GLORIA" from "The Power Of Failing" 
The Clash // Fundamental "Know Your Rights" from "Combat Rock" 
BIKINI KILL "STAR FISH" from "Pussy Whipped" 
Sonic Youth // Fundamental "Kissability" from "Daydream Nation (Deluxe Edition)" 
Cro-Mags "World Peace" from "Before the Quarrel" 
Fugazi // Fundamental "Shut The Door" from "Repeater & 3 Songs" 
Minutemen // Fundamental "Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs" from "Post-Mersh, Vol. 1" 
Buzzcocks // Fundamental "Runaround" from "Modern" 
THE GET UP KIDS "One Year Later" from "Red Letter Day & Woodson (Remastered)" 
Wire // Fundamental "Three Girl Rhumba" from "Pink Flag" 
DEAD KENNEDYS // Fundamental "MTV-Get Off the Air" from "Frankenchrist"