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KREAM #3 - Dynamic Duos

Jun 05, 2014

Week three found us exploring the opposite of the terrible twos: particularly good twos, to be precise. Two princes, even. Jio's Division By Zero attempted a relevant lead-in by spinning some Death Grips, while I played turntablist Shortee in an attempt to adhere more to his genre, so we didn't exactly meet in the middle, but we made a good duo anyway, I think.

It doesn't feel as though there's much to say about duos, honestly, that they can't say for themselves. I can definitely see myself revisiting this topic with separate focuses on collaborative rappers and producer/rapper duos, respectively. Until then, the episode was a good primer on quality pairs of musicians, you know? Just a chill show, glad you could make it. ;>

Shouts out to Big Boi and Talib Kweli for making the first dual-appearances in a single night, which I honestly expected to have happened sooner. Also shouts out to the concept of shout outs, since I'm going to continue this newly formed trend of giving shout outs at the end of the show and in the blog post. This week I believe I shouted out the #Based lifestyle, Rhymesayers, and the Dave Matthews Band. The last one has a story behind it but I think I'd rather it just function on its own from here on out.

As always, playlist is below, with asterisks (*) denoting themed songs and links to downloads provided when available. Thanks for listenin'! Hit me up on Facebook and Twitter and tune in Tuesdays from 10:30 PM to Midnight CST for more hip hop at the speed of sound: only on KREAM, K Rules Everything Around Me.


Shortee “Caverns of Dub” from The Dreamer

Ocean “The Usual (Sober Nights)” from The Usual 12"

Ratking X Eric Copeland “Gauchos” from Gauchos - Single


Kanser “Remember” from Happens Everywhere

WHY? “By Torpedo Or Crohn's” from Alopecia

*Talib Kweli & Madlib “FUNNY MONEY” from Liberation

*Doom & Ghostface Killah “Angels” from Unexpected Guests (WILL DOOMSTARKS EVER HAPPEN?!)


*OutKast “SpottieOttieDopaliscious” from Aquemini

*Clipse “Dirty Money” from Hell Hath No Fury

*Step Brothers “Legendary Mesh” from Lord Steppington


*Black Star “Respiration (Remix) (feat. Black Thought of the Roots)” from Respiration - 12"

*Black Sheep “The Choice Is Yours” from A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

*People Under the Stairs “THE CAT” from Question in the Form of an Answer


*Eric B. & Rakim “I Ain't No Joke” from Paid In Full

*Lifesavas “Fever” from Fever / Selector 12" - EP

*Run The Jewels “Banana (ft. Big Boi)” from Run The Jewels


Cornelius Chandler “BlackBloodBoor” from BlackBloodBoor

Lil B. “Clink Clink (Clean Version)” from Hoop Life

DESSA “Call Off Your Ghost” from Parts of Speech