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1/23/2014 - THE FIRST SHOW!

Jan 24, 2014

In which Metal Music Machine burst forth from the placenta fully formed, (double) kicking and screaming and generally thrashing like a maniac

Well, we made it through day 1. Isn't that always the hardest? Anyways, I thought things went well! I played many songs, all of which were arguably metal, and I got some calls from people that liked the show, and the fact that people were actually listening who didn't immediately turn the station means I must have an audience, and I have to say that feels good. Holy run-on sentence, Radioactive Man!

I GUESS I should take this time to introduce myself, as a host and as a metal DJ. I'm Nate. That's the easy part. Tonight wasn't actually my first night as a metal DJ, I have to admit. I DJ'd for the metal show up at KUMD, Duluth's public radio station, and now I'm down here, working with Radio K and bringing the weight back to the airwaves. You may have heard me talk a bit on the show about how this show is meant as a "safe space" for all metal fans, and you should take that to heart. The unofficial tagline for Metal Music Machine is "Intense without the Pretense," and I try to stick to that. That means no elitism or metal snobbery in here. People like what they like, and that's rad. This means I'll play awesome underground bands you may not have heard of, or insane techdeath, or brutal slamz, or whatnot, but it also means you'll hear stuff like hair metal, nu metal, and even the heavier end of the hard-rock spectrum. If the music is good, and I want to play it, it'll get played, regardless of any stigma it may have in some areas of the metal community. Anyways, that brings us to tonight's TRACK OF THE NIGHT.

There was so much great stuff played tonight, but only one song made me stand up and start strutting around the studio playing air guitar like a complete dork (A trainee DJ came in after me, and boy am I glad they didn't see that part!). That song was Ozzy Osbourne's 1991 classic, No More Tears.

This song is just kind of a crazy metal song all around. It opens with that super funky bassline, and throughout the song makes surprisingly spare, but wonderfully powerful use of Zakk Wylde's brand of heavy, classic metal-style riffing. Then there's the structure of the song, which is just all over the place, and has that crazy piano break. Anyways, this is definitely the most mainstream and likely most well-known song I played tonight, but it's the track that gave me the boost of energy to finish the night strong. And for that reason, it's the track of the night.

I might not write as much on these blog posts as I did tonight, what with introductions and stuff. But I might also write more. You might see this blog become a haven for mini editorials, reviews, or whatever. Hopefully I can make good use of it. Anyways, like Metal Music Machine at, or follow the show on Twitter by searching Metal Music Machine, or tweeting @KMetalMachine.

Here's tonight's full playlist, so you can revel in its metallic glory:

Judas Priest “PAINKILLER” from PainKiller on Columbia

Kataklysm “To Reign Again” from In the Arms of Devastation on Nuclear Blast

Overkill “Hellish Pride” from Immortalis

Abominable Iron Sloth “I'd Rather Die Than Fly” from Abominable Iron Sloth on Goodfellow Records

Earthrise “Mirovia” from Eras Lost on Earthrise

God Forbid “OVERCOME” from EQUILIBRIUM on Victory

Hypocrisy “Black Magic” from Slatanic Slaughter: A Tribute to Slayer on Blackend

Warbringer “Total War” from War Without End on Century Media

Jeff Loomis “Shouting Fire At a Funeral” from Zero Order Phase on Century Media

Pig Destroyer “Loathsome” from Phantom Limb on Relapse Records

Terrorizer “Hordes of Zombies” from Hordes of Zombies on (RED) Season of Mist

Sodom “Witching Metal” from In the Sign of Evil / Obsessed by Cruelty on Steamhammer

Origin “Saliga” from Entity on Nuclear Blast

Watain “Underneath the Cenotaph” from Sworn to the Dark on (RED) Season of Mist

Taake “Fra Vadested Til Vaandesmed” from Noregs Vaapen on Karisma / Dark Essence Records

Ozzy Osbourne “No More Tears” from The Ozzman Cometh

Kyuss “Apothecaries' Weight” from Blues for the Red Sun on Rhino/Elektra

Kylesa “Tired Climb” from Spiral Shadow on (RED) Season of Mist

Amon Amarth “With Oden On Our Side” from With Oden On Our Side on Metal Blade Records

All Shall Perish “Black Gold Reign” from Awaken the Dreamers on Nuclear Blast

Scale the Summit “ODYSSEY” from The Migration on Prosthetic